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Discussion in 'Other Performance Marques' started by Scooby Stevo, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Scooby Stevo

    Scooby Stevo Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    just bought myself an audi a6 le mans quattro - 2.0 tdi as i'm commiting more nowadays.

    Has anyone any experience of the TDI Tuning boxes ?

    simply plug in - for £295 they add nearly 50bhp and 70 torque - lots of people using them and now have branch in manchester.

    been on the audi forums - most rate them with the odd ones who took them off straight away with problems.

  2. ZANNY


    I'd personally go and see Brian's @ cams mapper think his name is Ade top guy knows what he's doing he's got his own premises with rolling road etc and really good with German cars aswell as evo's and scoobys
    much safer and better results with a proper map you could Also think about egr/dpf removal if it hasn't been done if t can be done much better satisfaction than a piggy back job to be honest

    I'll be getting the golf tweeted as it still needs the egr removing and I'll be going to him aswell
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  3. Scooby Stevo

    Scooby Stevo Well-Known Member

    what is the egr / dpf removal - what does it stand for.

    agree a map is probably best but the boxes have a good reputation and used on high end cars. can fit myself in 10 mins.
    do you know a rough cost for a map ? presume they just plug into the standard audi ecu? noting else needed?
  4. edmy716

    edmy716 Member

    Tuning boxes do work however the problem with them is they are only "fooling signals" and most of them just fool the rail pressure, some map sensor too.

    The problem with this is they don't alter any torque limits in the ecu which is always going to limit the power they can make and also if you alter the boxes too much can cause limp modes with overboosting and too much rail pressure.

    You could also get a "generic map" for probaly even less than a box these days but again I wouldn't reccomend as the amount of dodgy "percentage" increased maps I see on a weekly Basis is frightening !

    I specialise in these particular engines and offer a package which makes 320-330bhp / 470-490ftlb , I have done loads over the last 4/5 years and never had one back, the 3.0 Audi engine is so efficient that they don't even smoke!

    feel free to contact us for more details
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  5. cuprajake

    cuprajake Guest

    we use hyper chips for non subaru stuff, hes mapped a few of our cars now, and ive logged alot of them, great maps and results usually about £180 too

    he'll come to you too
  6. Scooby Stevo

    Scooby Stevo Well-Known Member

    sent for a price on hyper chips.

    what sort of price do you charge edmy716?

    mines the 2.0 tdi quattro a6 le mans and what sort of figures?

    engine should be healthy with fsh and 44k on clock

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