LADS @ NBO 13 21st June 2015

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  1. HAGGY

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    List added to official scoobynet list ! anyone else wanting to go to this please add yr name to the scoobynet list with the same info as above !! ie ,, model , color , year and club ! before sunday 31st may 2015 !!
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  2. ELV1S

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    As there are only 11 cars from LADS going to this, we can all travel up together, the meeting time at Birch services and directions to it are all on the first page, see you next Sunday.

    For those of you that this is out of your way, make your way across the A59 and be at Lightwater Valley for around 9.00 to 9.30am at the latest please
  3. 1mike122

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    Hi thinks of going to subaru multi meet 2morro so might miss the meet if i decide to go but still need pay you for entering me in was goin to give it you 2morro or will i be alright paying next sun??
  4. You pay at the gate Mike ;)
  5. Mackers_WRX

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    I am hopefully coming to this now:

    Mackers_WRX/Impreza STi/WR Blue/2002/LADS
  6. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    1. ELV1S/ImprezaP1/Sonic Blue/MY2000/LADS
    2. Scooby Towers/Impreza STI/WR Blue/2004/LADS
    3. ChrisValentine / Impreza Turbo 2000 UK / Reddish Blue / 1998 / LADS
    4. HAGGY / Impreza STI type uk ppp/ WR Blue/ 2006/ LADS
    5. Ray / RB5 uk /Steel Blue, Grey / 1999 / LADS
    6. Binglecheese / Impreza wrk / WR Blue / 2005 /LADS
    7. 555wrx / BRZ / Grey/2013 / LADS
    8. Covak2002 / Impreza V-Ltd /WR Blue/ 2004/ Lads
    9. Andystan0_1/impretza sti spec d ppp/silver/2006/lads
    10.Ady555 Impreza P1.
    11.1mike122/impreza sti/blue/2007/lads
    12. Mackers_WRX/Impreza STi//WR Blue/2002 LADS
    13. thatscoobyrocks/RB320/Obsidian black pearl/MY2007/LADS

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  8. thatscoobyrocks

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    thanks Nige
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  9. Ady555

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    I will latch onto you guys when you pass Heartshead Services, as i will be coming from Brighouse.
  10. As discussed on Sunday there will be two groups heading over to the NBO.

    Group 1 will meet and leave from Birch Services as per the post on page 1.

    Group 2 will meet at the McDonalds near Clitheroe (please be there before 7.30am) and head over the A59.
  11. binglecheese

    binglecheese Active Member

    Will join the group at McDonalds
  12. 1mike122

    1mike122 Member

    I will be meeting you at birch services
  13. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    Maccy D's for me :p
  14. cross

    cross Member

    anyone got postcode for maccys?
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  15. Jwrx

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    Ribble Valley Business Park, Holm Road, Barrow Clitheroe, Blackburn, Lancashire BB7 9WF
  16. cross

    cross Member

    Thank You
  17. Ady555

    Ady555 New Member

    How many of you are going from Birch Services?
  18. andystan0_1

    andystan0_1 Member

    Nige can you add my mate to list please
    Luke wrx/wrx blue/04
    Cheers mate
  19. HAGGY

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    Added to list on scoobynet ! ;)
  20. dave-w-

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    hope the weathers good and you have a great day :)
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