Tunnel run pics !

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by HAGGY, May 6, 2019.

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    20190428_104002.jpg 20190428_104020.jpg 20190428_110958.jpg 20190428_111143.jpg 20190428_112548.jpg 20190428_113713.jpg 20190428_120841.jpg 20190428_120851.jpg

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    The only 'hole in one'!
    well done Sarah :clap:
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    Had a Fantastic run ,thanks Nige..
    Will be back in mine for next one :cool:

    Sadly no pics of Dave and Andy aquatic misfortunes! :rofl:
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    lo at one point I thought Andy was going for a full swim :D

    Great pics of a great day out, I only took a couple myself I'll post them here later.

    Thanks for posting Lee ;)
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