The time has come to down size my car collection....

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by Tony Burns, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    Hey guys :)
    I've not been around for a while because I've been busy doing courses and training for a new past time, its taking up quite a bit of time tbh and also takes up a fair bit of driving time and having 3 cars means I really don't get to drive them all :cry: so I've had to make a BIG decision to sell the Spec C (I've only done 1500 ish miles in 6 months) and my newly(ish) acquired Peugeot RCZ 156 GT and buy something that I can enjoy at the weekends that has a little bit of poke, is cheap to insure, costs 140 quid a year to tax, comes with 380mm Alcon front brakes :shock: and does over 40mpg on a run without any effort (its a petrol btw) and keep my Citroen diesel for those long trips to work and back.

    So she is going, my 2003 Spec C Limited, after more than 4 years of ownership and my last scoob (for now :wink: ) because no way in hell am I going to touch the new Subaru STI with that (old) 2.5ltr engine in with a barge pole :shock:
    So over the next few days ill get some pictures up and give her a good clean whilst the weather is good, I would just like her to go to a good enthusiasts home rather than some dodgy geezer :lol: so most of you should be ok :wink:

    I'll still get to the meets when I can (if im not on first aid weekends, working or camps which is what has been happening) as LADS is a great community to be a part of :D
  2. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    Tony Burns without a Scooby.......doesn't sound right that :shock: :shock:

    Good luck with the sale mate.
  3. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    I know Mick :( but the only subaru that would interest me in the EU line up is the BRZ as that looks to be a cracking car :D but if im going to go for a coupe then ill go for one with lots of poke 8)
  4. Gus

    Gus Member

    Tony you without a scoob does not sound right…. out of interest what sort of a price would you be looking for it as I very much regret getting rid of my spec-c RA and I'm getting tempted to get another spec-c to run alongside the track car i'v nearly finished, PM me if you want
  5. scalesy

    scalesy New Member

    Sounds good to me! :lol:
  6. shurm

    shurm New Member

    Wish I had the money for the Spec C

    You should get one of these Tony :wink:

  7. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    I have :lol: :wink:
    Andrea did say you took the R home :wink:
  8. shurm

    shurm New Member

    Must admit it is the best sounding and fastest Peugeot I have ever driven, I'm sure you will love it and can I just say thank you again for your business.
  9. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    No problems :D I just need to get the hairdressers kit in the boot and im sorted :lol:

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