Tar removal

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Jwrx, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Jwrx

    Jwrx Active Member

    Whats an easy option or product for this? I've spent a few days trying to polish it off, my car is pretty much covered since they re-surfaced the local roads, thanks
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  2. cuprajake

    cuprajake Guest

    Tar and glue remover from autoglym


    Tardis from auto smart are both good
  3. madman

    madman Well-Known Member

    I used autoglym on wife's car come off no probs
  4. cargrabber

    cargrabber New Member

    far the cheaper option is wd40, works really well :)
  5. ProdriveWagon

    ProdriveWagon 3rd Scoob = an ej20 engined Hatch

    I use The Polishing Booths own brand ;)
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  6. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    PBs better than Autoglym chaps?
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