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  1. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    Hi LADS

    On a classic facelift dash should the Hazard and Rear Window switches light up at night? If so how do I replace the bulbs?

  2. GWS73

    GWS73 Active Member

    Do you mean light up when not in use (ie. When only the lights are turned on)?

    Cos if so, mine don't light up like that..... :?
  3. They do light up with a back light.
    Try a search against my name - I posted detailed instructions up before.

    Or wait until the meet & I'll do it for you (for the cost of a bulb or two :D )
  4. Found it -

    All I can say is give it a try - if at any point you think your about to break something, stop, and I'll do it for you at a meeting or event (I carry the kit in my car).

    Classic Impreza switch bulb changing instructions / advise

    Removal –
    Hazard & Heated rear –
    Pull out the drinks tray (MY99 / 00) or remove the banking plate (MY98 >) and place a small screwdriver down the right hand side of the right hand switch. Gently lever both switches over towards the drink holder and both should pop out. Remove the connection block on the back.

    Front & Rear Fogs –
    Safest way is to remove the lowest half of the steering surround. Remove two metal screws – one above the bonnet release and one next to the transmission tunnel. Remove a plastic screw in the side – only visible with the door open.
    With all 3 screws out place your hands in the gaps either side of the steering column. Grab the unit and pull directly back towards yourself. There are two male to female lugs that hold the unit in place, your simply separating them – nothing should break if all 3 screws are removed.
    Once loose don’t try to walk away! The ECU reader wires are still connected. You will however have enough slack to place it on the floor and gain access to the switch retaining lugs. It’s simply remove the connection block and push the lug up and the switch should pop out.

    Note - This is possible via the coin holder / fuse cover by your right knee, but if its your first time of removal use the top method and learn how the switch is held in ready for next time.

    Headlamp wash, Bright Switch & Headlamp Height adjust –
    A bit more daunting these!
    You simply need to simply prise them out with the smallest flat bladed screwdriver you have. The retaining lugs are on the left and right of the switch – pushing a lug back and prising the switch forward will allow removal.
    Warning – be careful, one slip and it’s a scratch you’ll see each time you get in the car!

    You can also access them by removing the stereo etc and getting your hand up behind the switch and pushing it out, but it’s a tight fit!

    Strip down –
    Tip – Do this on a table away from the car – bits may fly off if the spring gives way.
    Taking the heated rear as an example - Best way to get the switches apart is to use a small flat bladed screwdriver to prise the plastic up either side of the retaining lugs. Once the screwdrivers in place put a length of thick wire down the side of the screwdriver and pull the screwdriver out leaving the wire in its place (not necessary if you have 4 small screwdrivers) then move to the next side of the lug.
    Once you have 4 bits of wire sticking out the switch should pull apart.

    The heated rear lugs are on the side of the switch and you’ll only need two screwdrivers / bits of wire.

    Bulb Changing –
    The bulbs are in small soft plastic holders with their wires wrapped in and out of holes in the holder.
    Simply pull the holder & bulb off the two pins.
    Don’t rip out the old bulb – the wire will cut through the plastic. Instead unravel the wire taking note of the route the wire takes. I’ve found using tweezers to rethread the wires works best followed by nail cutter to trim to the correct length – TIP - Don’t trim to length until threaded trough the extra wire helps with tightening etc.

    Bulb part no –
    BT43W – Available from Maplins at approx. 50p each + P&P.

    http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Mod ... D=&doy=7m3

    Assembly –
    I'll use the hazard as an example as it’s the hardest to do.
    Inside you will find a small spring & very small bit of white plastic coated in grease. This retains the switch when "on" and allows spring back when "off".
    The top part of the switch has a pin sticking out. This has to be lined up in the slot that’s in the white bit of plastic whilst the other side is lined up on a pin in the bottom half of the switch. At the same time the spring has to be placed between the back of the bottom part of the switch and the top part of the switch.
    The two parts are then brought together with the bottom part held horizontal and the top part at an approximate 45-degree angle.
    The two parts will then slot into each other and click back together.

    The heated rear just slots back together and the rear & front fogs are on a twist holder on the side of the switch.

    Hazard Switch – One bulb required for the backlight.

    Heated rear – As above but without all the springs and bits of plastic – Two bulbs – one for the “on” warning light and one for the backlight.

    Headlamp wash – Not lit

    Bright Switch – Not lit

    Headlamp Height adjust – Two bulbs

    Rear Fog & Front Fog – Bulb holders are accessible on the side of the switch so no strip down required. Two bulbs in each switch – one for the “on” warning light and one for the backlight.

    Copyright - Chris Towers
  5. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    That sounds ok. How do I get the blanking plate out in the 1st place. Tried when I 1st bought the car thinking something was wrong with the cupholder only to realise my car didn't have.

  6. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    Can you change th colour of the switch illumination or is the colour in the switch cover/button face ?

    sorry to be a 'Nova-boy' :lol:
  7. No worries Nova Boy - the colour is part of the switch, not the bulb (which is white)

    Greyscale - just unscrew it ;)
    You can pop out the switches without removing it - its just a little harder to do.
    If you can wait until the 8th I'll do it for you (or the RR day)
  8. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    Ok. I'll have a look for the screws but failing that I'll see you on the 8th.
  9. fordy1

    fordy1 New Member

    This is why I asked for my thread to be a sticky.

    Chris you must keep that document handy to be cutting and pasting all the time :lol:
  10. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    Right, finally got round to doing this. Firstly I lost one of the metal clips holding the blanking plate in place. Now I've stripped down the hazard switch and when I've put it back together it doesn't click on and off. Tried several times but not working. Anyone got a hazard switch?

  11. Yep - I've a couple of spares.

    Told you to wait until next Sunday :wink: :roll: :D
  12. Simon Hedges

    Simon Hedges New Member

    Fantastically useful guide. I've posted the link to this on the Type RA forum.

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