Scoob accident today on M6

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by zero260, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. zero260

    zero260 New Member

    Coming back about 2.30 this afternoon from Blackpool, between the M55 junction and the Tickeled trout junction on the M6 and there it was, an 02 plate scoob facing towards me on the hard shoulder. :(

    It looked like it had hit the central reservation and had spun it's self right across all the lanes. Another car was involved (a black Suzuki Jimni) and that didn't look in the best of condition either.

    I couldn't make out if it was a bugeye Sti or bugeye wrx in the WR blue. :(

    Hope if it is someone on here they are alright. It looked like it had quite a large impact. :(
  2. mufcdamo

    mufcdamo New Member

    ouch hate seeing things like that hope everyone got out ok
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    i will prob go down to have a look at car tomoz its in leyland car :D :D

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