Oulton Park Trackday

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by Tim, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. sirduds

    sirduds Active Member

    any vids of your day
  2. dave-w-

    dave-w- Well-Known Member

    Only did 15 laps or so it was drenched and rained all day it's not for me in them conditions seeing 5-6 cars coming off some looked really bad
    but we got back to the hotel and had a great night

    One of the southern lad took a few of my mates out in his evo and apparently nailed it I don't do being a passenger :oops:
  3. thenewgalaxy

    thenewgalaxy Member

    The Southern lad in question was absolutely awesome he danced that Evo round the circuit in very poor weather.

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