Opinion poll on location of WRX seat badges

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by drfeelgood, May 18, 2013.

  1. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Hi guys
    Need a quick poll on the location of my WRX seat badges that I have got ,
    Previous owner took the original black seats out of my car and put the blue STI v7 or v8 seats in , I'm putting the black seats back in but I like the STI stitching in the blue seats so I got some WRX embroidered badges did a bit of trimming and just need the best location for them '
    Either the back panel of the seat like the older sti seats or on the headrest , took a picture with the badges stuck on with Sellotape so don't worry about them standing proud they are iron on and will sit flush .
  2. tharrington

    tharrington Active Member

    Headrest for me mate.

    Interested in who supplied these & how you will attach them
  3. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    Back panel for me :lol:
  4. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Got them off eBay and they iron on cost me a £10 each but have never seen this design before so they are unique and thats
    why they cost more than the other ones that I have seen .
    If anybody's interested I could email him to see if he has anymore .?
  5. davetwr1

    davetwr1 Member

    back panel for me 8)
  6. whitep1

    whitep1 Active Member

    Back panel :wink:
  7. +1 for back panel :wink:
  8. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Back panel it is then , pics to follow
  9. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    The adhesive on the back didn't work too well so had to use Wonder Web to stick it to the seat when ironed on . Now just need to install them .

  10. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member





    And finished all done within the hour .

  11. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Now contemplating on selling the Sti seats front and rear , how much should I charge if I do sell them .
    Also which version are they ?

  12. ellierotty

    ellierotty Member

    hold on. is it me or have u downgraded the seats??
  13. Turbopercy

    Turbopercy New Member

    ^^^ not just me that thought that
  14. blackpoolrock

    blackpoolrock New Member

    I wondered that too
  15. scoobaru mad

    scoobaru mad Active Member

    I'll never understand the seat thing with people lol.

    Nice touch OP, me likey. 8)
  16. CAMS

    CAMS LADS Sponsor

    Black seats to match black car 8) 8)

    The seats are version 7 :wink:
  17. scoobaru mad

    scoobaru mad Active Member

  18. drfeelgood

    drfeelgood Member

    Yeap I,ve downgraded or as I like to say put the original seats back , the sti seats were too hard for my back and also a black car and blue seats do not match , me not likely .
  19. klunker

    klunker New Member

    Looks 8)

    May be interested in your old ones if they are going cheap.

    Or, your sewing/embroidery skills. :)
  20. ProdriveWagon

    ProdriveWagon 3rd Scoob = an ej20 engined Hatch

    Liking the black seats with red badges, you picked correct location by the way :wink:

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