Not Forgotten....

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by PHM, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. PHM

    PHM New Member

    How do lads and lasses! :D

    Just letting you know I'm still knocking about and still have the P1! Though the missus drives that more than me on the Wirral and I'm left with my little Seat to commute to Manchester in! Something not quite right :lol:

    I hope you're all well. Drive safe!!

  2. TunnelMeister

    TunnelMeister Lifetime & Founder Member

    Hi Paul, good to hear from you. :D

    You still living at the Ring? :wink:
  3. PHM

    PHM New Member

    How do Steve....last visit was last year. This year we went touring to the Alps on the bike. Found some fantastic driving roads!! :D

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