Next Impreza ???

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by mickp, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

  2. STE22PC

    STE22PC New Member

    when i saw that pic, a vauxhall vectra sprung to mind :lol:
  3. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    I actually thought Mondeo :lol:

    In STI guise there might be hope :idea:
  4. jonboy

    jonboy New Member

    Front end looks like a CYLON from the original Battlestar Galactica lol
  5. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

  6. Scooby Stevo

    Scooby Stevo Well-Known Member

    yup - mondeo looking - like the back though
  7. FroSTI

    FroSTI Well-Known Member

    Looks like the illegitimate result of liaison between a Mondeo, a Vectra and a Volvo :lol:
    Having said that, I like it (apart from the front arches) Those clocks look cool 8)
  8. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    I'm not keen,looks too much like a rep car
  9. TunnelMeister

    TunnelMeister Lifetime & Founder Member

    Do I detect a few of the angles from the P2 in there?
  10. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

    Mmmm ?? The jury is out, not sure at this stage, those wheels will be a nightmare to clean :)
  11. Silver Angel

    Silver Angel Active Member

    wow 8) impressive
  12. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    I do like them though.

    Think as a family car it's nice , as a toy to play with and enjoy modding , no.
  13. scalesy

    scalesy New Member

    What a Gay looking Car! :oops: What is going on with Subaru these days first they make a car that looks like a Mazda now a Ford! :x Subaru need to sort it out or they will be gone!

    You can not beat a proper Scooby! A good old Classic! :wink:
  14. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    Saab front, audi roofline and Volvo rear 1/4s. If the wagon version appears I might see if they'll part ex my classic though. :lol: :lol:

  15. mcscoobydoo

    mcscoobydoo New Member

    Nowt wrong with Volvo KeV lol
  16. ProdriveWagon

    ProdriveWagon 3rd Scoob = an ej20 engined Hatch

    Reading mag in Asdas library, looks like they may be dropping the IMPREZA name and calling it just the Subaru WRX / STi :shock:
  17. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

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