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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by HYP1C, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. HYP1C

    HYP1C Active Member

    In Auto Express this week , looking quite good I think , with the big arches.
    Anybody else seen it - what do you think ?
  2. wd40

    wd40 Member

    Considerably better than I thought it was going to look.

    not sure if it's not a bit "Civicy".
  3. TunnelMeister

    TunnelMeister Lifetime & Founder Member

    Not seen AE, any pics?
  4. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    Is it this pic?

    Mick :mrgreen:
  5. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

  6. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    Not convinced that is the final design.

    Subaru have released a "taster shot" but it looks different to these images.

    Official release 24th October at Tokyo.
  7. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    That's the nicest Rover 25 I've seen. Classic wagons are the future.
  8. AndrewC

    AndrewC Active Member

    That's the first bit of sense I've seen posted on here for months
  9. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    How can old estate cars be the future... :roll: :roll:

    classic wagons are just that....

    classic (old)

    wagons (estates)

    :shock: :wink:
  10. Greyscale

    Greyscale 2011 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate Titanium X

    Since I've been a member I've noticed most Scooby saloon owners use them just as weekend cars. Lets face it they're not as practical as hatchbacks. Think that's why Subaru have dumped the saloon, so that they appeal to a wider group of people. I refer back to my original qoute though that classic wagons rule. They certainly look nicer than that BMW1 series/Rover25/Kia crap thing shown above. Cheaper to insure. Cheaper to get parts and upgrades I bet.
  11. HYP1C

    HYP1C Active Member

    I think most of us have them as 2nd cars , because they are older and don't make sense to run as an everyday car, due to poor mpg etc.
    I like the look of the new STi , but couldn't see me chuckin in the 22B for one, and it wouldn't be realistic enough to run as an everyday car like a diesel.We'll see when it comes out,it might be a viable alternative as a 2nd(fun) car alongside the 22.
    I don't really go with the idea of people getting one instead of a 4 door booted one ,when you look at the amount of room you have in the current Impreza's/Evo's.People want a choice , not everybody wants or needs a hatch , just look at how many booted Impreza's there are about compared to the Wagon's.
    Most people buy new cars because they need to have everyday transport , whereas most Impreza / Evo owners have other transport already .
  12. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Excuse me young man !!!! :shock: again!

    We've had our classic saloon over 8 years now and it runs virtually every day! very practical - large boot and all! - it is in fact our 'eco friendly' fuel miser vehicle... - compared to the Land Rover Discovery V8 :lol:

    Main trouble is with the classics - centre lap belt not diagonal - so not ideal with 3 kids :cry: Scoobyteknix have offered to try to fit a centre diagonal belt from a later car for me - but it's difficult finding the time to be without it :wink:

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