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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by mcscoobydoo, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. mcscoobydoo

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    ok you tech bods :lol:
    someone will have the advice i am needing

    done some research on MB - I am currently on Eclipse home broaband paying £17.99 a mointh for flex (I know - rip off)

    anyway, I think O2 has a good deal £20 for mobile broadband with home broadband free for 12 months - mobile isnt the fastest but then again, I want it for when I'm in the lakes - not sure of coverage though ? it looks bleek !

    anyone got O2 and live around cumbria or what other networks got

  2. skins21

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    don,t use o2 its s@{@te none ov mi mi mates get a signal,,,,, :lol:
    u need virgin :shock: :D :D :D broadband :D
  3. Andy,
    Try asking on Cumbrian Scoobs, they may know the coverage over various areas.
  4. mickp

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  5. JET

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    USB Modem Stick on Vodafone (use anywhere) free hardware £15 / month 99% UK coverage 7Mb/s download on your laptop sat at the trackside 8)

    We Use these for our field based staff and they are really good if you need mobile broadband.

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