Marshalling @ Wales Rally GB 2010

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by thatscoobyrocks, May 2, 2010.

  1. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    Did everyone else get this email ?
    And did anyone get the one for the hotel ?

  2. daveeck

    daveeck New Member

    ive had the one your showing,and had one about cheap hotels from £17 per night,only 10 sleeps to go
  3. Toffee

    Toffee New Member

    Yep I got the message to, can you choose were you marshall from? can I be a big girl and choose points near a pub or bacon butty shop, toilets, somewhere warm and the likes :lol: :lol: :wink:
  4. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    Lee theres no luxuries in a forest :roll:

    Pub - no
    Butty shop - no, bring your cooking equipment and your bacon
    Toilets - use your imagination
    Warmth - no, only when you get in the car and when back at the pub or B&B

    It's more like a survival course if its lashing down :wink:
  5. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    Lol at Andy , just make sure you bring you sun cream Lee
  6. Toffee

    Toffee New Member

    :lol: :lol: :lol: he makes it sound so appealing :shock:
  7. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    Do you still have to let the Gravel Cars pass,or can you still take them on Like the old days ? :wink:
  8. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    You are allowed a Hip Flask ! :lol: :wink:
  9. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member



    you should have recieved an email last night from RST:

    "Dear Andy,

    With only a short time to go before Wales Rally GB 2010, all of the planning is starting to pay off and things are hotting up!

    Having registered via RallyStageTeam for this event, you can now login and print your Signing On Cards which will make the Signing On process quicker - all you need to do is Sign and Date the online cards.

    These can be accessed by logging into and selecting "My Events" on the left hand side. Click on the Stage and you will be able to print your card for that Stage. If you are a Group Leader, you will be able to print all of your Group's Cards.

    In additon, useful Stage Information has been uploaded for each Stage, including Marshal Access Maps, Event Route Maps, Signing On times, contact details, Signing On locations (inc Sat Nav locations and "Nearest Post Code" for access roads) and Stage Maps (for Stages where Stage Commanders have authorised this information to be published).

    Car passes have now almost all been sent out in the post - you can see the date that Car Passes were sent to your Group Leader by looking on the "My Group" information tab against each Stage in My Events.

    Any problems, please let us know - see you next week in Wales and here's to a great Event and good weather!


    Further update:

    I have spoken with Martin Wylie tonight and he will be handing over the stage car passes to me this weekend. He has also very kindly printed off everyones sign on card so no need to print off now. I will dish out when we meet at Lymm Services early Friday 12th November.

    As far as routes and maps to our stage entry points I will ensure we have enough available. At the time we will be leaving there will not be much traffic about.

    I will post another reminder early week with a reminder list of what to take for our trip.

    Please note if you dont have a car stage pass, a valid licence and sign on card you wont get onto stage.

  10. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member



    updated pick up times:


    Sign on for SS3 Sweet Lamb our first marshals stage is 05.00-06.30 am latest. Journey time is 2hrs 51 mins however should be quicker with a night drive.

    Preston rendezvous point now 03.00 am at Burger King car park entrance opposite the Poachers at Bamber Bridge.

    Manchester pick up now 03.30 am at M6 J20 Lymm Services car park nr. Mcdonalds.

    This should allow time to grab some breakfast at stage start where we park in the Sweet Lamb complex for our rally weekend and meet the rest of the crew heading up from South Wales.

    Any issues pm me.

  11. subzero

    subzero Member

    :lol: picture of Ken Block on practice this morn...... can't wait

  12. Widdowmaker

    Widdowmaker Well-Known Member

    Sweet Stuff..... SO looking forward to this.

    Just got my passes and sign on pack - thanks Andy....

    I know what junctions and assignments I have for the whole weekend... . and they are different to Geoffs.....

    And we have the the Karcher spot on the last stage......(time for some Freebies (LOL)) but only in terms of advise of course.
  13. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    Glad your all getting the picture of how nice it is in South Wales in November :wink:
  14. dave-w-

    dave-w- Well-Known Member

    andy ask ken to nip up to preston and sign my car m8 :lol:
  15. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    Dave, I expect to see you in some of those overalls and boots next time. :wink:
  16. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member


    we'll invite him to a LADS meet when were down there, don't tell M-Sport :wink:
  17. daveeck

    daveeck New Member

    mmmmm snow,going to have to repack my suitcase
  18. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    Have we planned time to visit the main Service Area,so we can scan the merchandise stalls,my lad will kick off if he dosnt get a jacket,hat tea shirt ect. :lol: :wink:
  19. Widdowmaker

    Widdowmaker Well-Known Member

    I am not aware of any plans, but its on the way back to cardif from 2 days, might be worth a stop, if theres a butty van.... I am gonna be hank marvin about that time...... if not asleep at the wheel
    I do know that performance Clothing is on the half way point of the stages we are on,might be worth a walk. Youll get 10% Marchalls discount and probably wangle a few more % if you wave your lads membership under their nose...... (can always try :D )
  20. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    When we used to do the GB we would go on the Thursday to do the shopping,but as sweet lamb is one of the northerly stages,it makes an unusual start to the week. :wink:
    Was contemplating staying overnight in Newtown Thursday. :D

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