LADSOC 15th Birthday Celebrations

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  1. ELV1S

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    Just a few pics from last Sunday’s party, which included a lovely Xmas lunch and John Fenton’s 80th birthday
    Big thank you to April for sorting out the cakes and Judith for putting together a few goodies for John

    C0D53A4B-7659-4938-8233-C9FE517B1F08.jpeg 534D5D91-B918-481D-AD96-6FB4051E0609.jpeg 82A9926D-BD30-4975-A7F1-98450D75E61B.jpeg B0D15918-C809-431C-8BE9-A7510C1BFD12.jpeg C5696376-7F9E-49AB-A3B9-33DBB167DCDA.jpeg 6676835F-6223-41CA-AFB2-90421BE41EEA.jpeg D0812FEF-5C7A-4A97-91A1-266B7B16C865.jpeg D396008D-B29E-4A16-9D9B-7C814999CAD6.jpeg 042B6163-F3F2-4719-9677-7EACAD31FB22.jpeg

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  2. Dan

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    great pics,we all had a great day:D
  3. HAGGY

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    fab pics , great meal too ! :):)

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