LADS Next Meeting 14th July 2019

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    LADS next meeting will be held on the 14th July at

    The Bluebird Inn ...... Please see attached Information for details. -

    An 11:00am meet for a 12:00pm start-
    To include
    Club information
    Future Events
    Past Events
    Group Discussions
    News and more
    Please post your attendance below

    Anyone attending for the first time, please put (New) next to your names, THANKS

    Bluebird Inn

    Address for those with Sat Nav

    Myerscough Smithy Road, Balderstone, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 7LE
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  6. FroSTI

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    Sorry guys, can't make this one; gonna be otherwise engaged at Silverstone:wasntme::wasntme:
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  7. ELV1S

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    Really, you hadn't mentioned this,,,, much :rolleyes::rofl:
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  8. Riley STI

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    Same for us too pal :rofl: can't make Sunday meet but if you want us to get information on stuff before the classic (ie food prices or fuel station)
    Just pm us. ;)
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