LADS Next Meeting 12th April 2020 ##Cancelled##

Discussion in 'Social & Family Events' started by ELV1S, Mar 15, 2020.

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    LADS next meeting will be held on the 12th April at

    The Bluebird Inn ...... Please see attached Information for details. -

    An 11:00am meet for a 12:00pm start-

    To include

    Club information


    Future Events

    Past Events

    Group Discussions

    News and more

    Please post your attendance below

    Anyone attending for the first time, please put (New) next to your names,



    Bluebird Inn

    Address for those with Sat Nav

    Myerscough Smithy Road, Balderstone, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 7LE
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    1. ELV1S
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    1. ELV1S
    2. HAGGY . if were all allowed out ! lol
  4. ELV1S

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    With recent events it is now the sensible thing to cancel all LADS meetings until this virus has passed us all by and safe to have large gatherings again.

    The Bluebird Inn were trying to stay open but as we all know all pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants have had to close down for public safety.

    We will keep you all informed as to when we can all get back together.

    Stay safe everyone!!
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  5. Riley STI

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    We could try a Facebook live meeting or some type of video chat between us all ?
    Would be a first for us and even if there not a lot to talk about :think: would be great hearing and see some very great friend in the LADS family:rofl: in these bad times:(
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  6. ELV1S

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    Sadly that's all we may be able to do for a while, the forums may well come alive again?
    I used to have skype, I still have the camera in place I just need to download it again I presume ?
    Chin up folks

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