LADS @ BTCC Oulton Park 30th June

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by ELV1S, May 21, 2019.

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    Ok guys, if you fancy a day out watching the Subaru Levorg and other touring cars we will be going again this year.
    The meeting point and time is here at 6.30am, yes folks, we need to be there early to get a decent spot.

    Juniper Farm off Jnc 21 of the M6,


    Juniper Lane,
    Manchester Road
    WA3 6DR
    Map here

    We will be leaving at around 6.45 so please be on time or you will have to catch us up

    Here's the ticket link to buy your tickets early guys and gals ;)
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    1. HAGGY
    2. ELV1S
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    Advanced ticket sales only available till thursday 27 th june at midday !!!
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    What a great day we had .. pity there was no more members available to take part really enjoy the btcc day out cheers to the few that turned up ! ;)
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  6. ELV1S

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    Great day out as always, great days racing and lots of laughs with Nige, Mick and Andy, great to see the old stalwarts to Kev and Tony doing a great job marshalling :clap:
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    Oi! Less of the old!!:D:eek:
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    I just couldn't think of any other word :D
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