Just be safe lads !

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by TonyGTB, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. TonyGTB

    TonyGTB Member

    Seen this posted up on the leggy forums and had to share it with you all, It brought a tear to my eye.

    Please dont be one of these.

    You may not want to watch if your the sensitive type. (traffic accidents)


    Drive safe Guys.
  2. walshy

    walshy New Member

    if that dosent make people think then nowt will.........

    theyd never get away with showin that in this country! :shock: :shock:
  3. shurm

    shurm New Member

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. marc

    marc New Member

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Makes you think :shock:
  5. Sub BLT

    Sub BLT New Member

    just takes a second .............pray to god that never happens ..............
  6. pitcha44

    pitcha44 New Member

    as im watching that with my 2 year old it really hits you with that sound track
    :( :(

    some of them cars are on irish plates arnt they
  7. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    Makes you think just a bit doesn't it....? :cry:
  8. binglecheese

    binglecheese Active Member

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: certainly brings home the message doesnt it.
  9. Cunny

    Cunny New Member

    Maybe they should show these adverts. They would work
  10. nevo

    nevo New Member

    Thats realy hard to watch
  11. JET

    JET New Member

    :shock: :(
  12. Velmadoo

    Velmadoo New Member

    I unfortunately see this sort of thing on a daily basis as I work in road traffic personal injury law. Luckily though it's only on paper.

    I found that extremely difficult to watch with tears running down my face. :cry:

    Unfortunately though whether they show it on the tv or not it will never make the idiots slow down. :evil:
  13. cross

    cross Member

    i couldnt watch it all,definatly should be shown here.
  14. Obey 1

    Obey 1 Well-Known Member


    ok seen enough :shock: yes def makes you think :cry:
  15. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Just watched that,it was awful

    They should show it on UK TV

    It may not slow all the idiots down but if it slows just a few down then some lives may be saved

    That ad really hits home
  16. Tommy B

    Tommy B New Member

    :( not nice
  17. The Stig

    The Stig New Member

    could not watch it all, agree with you there bud, they should put this on national tv...
  18. wd40

    wd40 Member

    very powerful video that.

    it does bring it right home, and while the message is about speeding, but alcohol into the equation, black ice and also potential mechanical failure.....

    right...I'm off to buy a plane...

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