Juke Tekna Dci

Discussion in 'Other Performance Marques' started by Gary, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Not everyone's cup of tea but this is great for me as it's fast and economical.

    Top of the range Juke Tekna Dci
    Black Exterior kit, Black Rear Spoiler, 18 inch black alloys/red callipers

    leather heated seats with white piping,
    keyless ignition, reversing camera and 360 degree all round camera, lane departure warning plus a host of other extras.

    Plus I'm suspecting the previous owner has tweaked it as it's far too quick for a standard diesel



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  2. Widdowmaker

    Widdowmaker Well-Known Member

    IM not seeing the images Gaz. However, If I know the car, it will suit you down to the ground. Is this the 1.5 or the 1.2?
  3. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Hi Jim, strange you can't see the images

    Its the 1.5dci, I did have the 1.2Digt petrol version but the fuel economy was shocking.
    27mpg if I drove it like a vicar so returned it and swapped for Dci
  4. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

    Very nice Gaz, I knew someone who had one of these

    Thought you'd have gone for the Nismo or a Forester to get back in the fold bud :cool:
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  5. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    No need, I can use this :)

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