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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by KK3960, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. KK3960

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    Need some IT Teccie info please. Im having issues with my DVD drives on my desktop PC. Ive never used the drives before as always use my laptop however im trying to burn some data and i cant get the computer to recognise the discs. Light comes on and starts flashing once disc is inserted but nothing else happens. Computer is 12 months old but ive changed the operating system from Vista to XP Professional, im thinking that i need to update the DVD drivers also for XP Prof??

    Anyone know where i can get official drivers from as there are loads of those rip-off sites around suggesting driver updates so i dont want to download any non secure info.

    Drives are TSST Super Writemaster (beleived to be Samsung) Model ref SH-S 203N

  2. Silver Angel

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    have u tried the actual site that belongs to your specific model as I know I have downloaded missing drivers from Toshiba (my own make of laptop) and they generally free anyway
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  4. wd40

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    I wouldn't have thought this would be a driver issue.

    both XP and vista will most certainly have a generic DVD driver embedded, and unless your DVD drive was newer than the OS it's likely to know exactly which one it is.

    Does the drive show up in any software you use, or even in My Computer?

    If so then that is correct and the drives probably aren't at fault.

    Have you tried any other disks? Some DVD drives are quite fussy, especially the generic or lesser known models.

    Do the drives work with original disks (try a CD)?

    If the drives do work, but don't recognise your blank disks, try different blank disks (or buy a pioneer DVD burner for about £17) anything with a Ritek G05 dye or Verbatims.

    Hope that helps.
  5. KK3960

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    Many thanks for the responses chaps, ill go and have a fiddle with them again and try different discs.
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  7. TunnelMeister

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    Kris, I think you'll find you need to edit some files on your system. Changing the OS has probably overwritten some settings that's all.

    If you've sorted it then fine, if you still need help, let me know.
  8. JET

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    Have you put the disc in the right way round :lol: just kidding, a new drive is only a few quid from scan, try another, if nothing else at least you will be able to copy disc to disc.
  9. TunnelMeister

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    Kris, as I said, you need to alter a couple of files in the registry. With changing the OS you've overwritten some stuff that your drives need (basically some filter information that now needs deleting). Takes 2 mins and you'll be up and running again.

    don't go spending any money, for now at least.... :wink:

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