Impreza has died on me

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Rich_D, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    well it aint the coil pack :cry:

    went over to get one off Mark this afternoon, but it's still not running, so tried a couple of other things he suggested but with no joy

    removed & cleaned the crank sensor, checked & cleaned the earthing points, ran a direct earth from the battery to the engine and checked the 2 engine loom plugs behind the battery

    still only getting a spark from the front 2 terminals on the coil, nothing from the rear terminals, anyone know why???

    but it's raining now so I can't do anymore tonight... time for a beer or several... :x
  2. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a different battery in the car?
    I know someone one here had a similar problem even went and changed the coil packs only to find the battery was goosed even tho the voltages looked ok.
  3. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Yeah, I had another battery on there yesterday as mine was flat, got the original one back on now, fully charged

    Plenty of juice and turns over ok, just won't fire
  4. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Mark has mentioned there is an ignition amplifier, need to try that
  5. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Does the V5 definately have an ignition amplifier?

    If so, where is it?

    Looked buy can't find it... :oops:
  6. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    been confirmed that it's built into the coil pack on the V5

    Mark has kindly let me borrow a spare crank & cam sensor to try, so will give that a go, cheers buddy 8)
  7. Sounds like the alarm or imobiliser is cutting in / faulty.
  8. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    surely if the immobiliser were kicking in, there would be no spark at all?

    but I get a spark from 2 terminals on the coil pack, which is odd

    it also shouldn't turn over or fire the fuel pump if the immobiliser is kicking in :?

    Chris, when you get back to work on Wed, can we try my coil pack on yours to see if it's ok, then I can 100% eliminate that from the equation
  9. scoobaru mad

    scoobaru mad Active Member

    You said you heard like a belt slipping? Are you sure the belt hasnt jumped a tooth and the timing is well out? Ie crank and cam in sync?
  10. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Not touched it all week as its too dark & freezing cold when I get home from work :(

    The timing is something I'll be checking over the weekend though...
  11. scoobaru mad

    scoobaru mad Active Member

    I cant think of much else as your getting ignition, and fuel through. A possible ECU fault perhaps? But its not un heard of, of what ive said above.

    Really hope you get this sorted buddy! There nothing worse than your pride an joy bein poorly! :cry:
  12. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    only getting partial ignition though, which is strange, only getting a spark on 2 cylinders

    tried another ECU, still the same

    hope I can get it sorted (or at least work out why) over the weekend as it needs to be running again
  13. ellierotty

    ellierotty Member

    where have u tested the fuel supply?? after the fuel filter
  14. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Yeah, after the filter, loads of fuel coming through
  15. ellierotty

    ellierotty Member

    very odd. is it turning over very fast (like theres no compression there). Timing slightly out??. Hope it turns out something easy for you
  16. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    Right, I've not touched the car for weeks due to work, snow, xmas, etc... but it's time I got my @rse in gear & got it running again, there is only so long you can put up with a 1.4 Polo :lol:

    Just charged the battery and done a quick video >>> ... EO0010.mp4

    Sounds to be turning over too quickly, however the timing belt has not snapped, that was one of the first things the AA guy checked, as I was assuming the worst at the time!

    But, I've just whipped the covers off and lined the pullies up to have a look >>>






    Everything appears to be lined up correctly apart from the upper drivers side pulley, as per the last photo, agreed?

    So it looks like the belt has jumped slightly, which explains the engine turning over faster than normal.

    Would this have damaged anything do we think? Can I simply re-time the engine, replace the belt and it will be ok?
  17. scoobaru mad

    scoobaru mad Active Member

    If its jumped a couple ot teeth then yes, you could have a piston coming into contact with the valves.

    However, you never mentioned a knock or tapping noise upon it happening. Secondly, its only slightly out. So you should be ok.

    Id advise a new belt if your gonna go to the trouble of re-doing it all bud. (thats if it hasnt been done recently anyway)

    Hope its the fix for ya 8) 8)
  18. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    nope, no nasty knocking or tapping before it cut out, just sounded like the alternator belt was squeeling, so fingers crossed

    will be getting a new belt for sure, not worth the risk
  19. markscooby

    markscooby Active Member

    rich just retimed it up and see how it his u may be lucky when u timmed it up did u take out crank sensor and see it crank timing mark was inline to rember i told u one car was brought to me and it was 6 teeth out i just retimed it and ran ok if u need any help rich u still got my number it may have has bent some valves ive a good set of v 5/6 heads hear
  20. Rich_D

    Rich_D Member

    no, will look down the crank sensor hole and see what I can see, forgot to check earlier and it's dark now

    hoping that with it being only slightly out of allignment it will be ok, touch wood!

    will re-time it all, see how it runs and if it's ok throw a new belt on there to be sure, probably a full kit as it's not jumped for no reason

    still got your number, will call you if I need help/parts :wink:

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