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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by daveeck, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. daveeck

    daveeck New Member

    hi there im getting an i phone tomoz,what are the best apps to download,thanks dave
  2. TonyGTB

    TonyGTB Member

    Angry birds
  3. marc

    marc New Member

    sky sports news

    sky plus record

    Red LASER

    bbc news

    Angry birds
  4. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    RAC traffic
    Sat Navi
    Google translate :lol: (its great fun!)
    Shell station locator
    shazam (free version though you can upgrade if you use it alot)
    3D pool Pro
    Google Earth

    All the above are free :D
  5. TonyGTB

    TonyGTB Member

    Oh sickipedia too

    And navfree.
  6. daveeck

    daveeck New Member

    cheers keep them coming,i cant see im gonna spend a while playing with it
  7. shurm

    shurm New Member

    Rack Stare :wink:

    BARBARIAN New Member

    Cut the rope
  9. Widdowmaker

    Widdowmaker Well-Known Member

    I am truly addicted - rated 34th in the league tables... u cannot getr a better time consumer
  10. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    Here's a few of mi games,just scratching the surface though. 8) :wink:

  11. Slik50

    Slik50 New Member

    This is more addictive than angry birds for me. Angry birds is all about luck. This is just pure skill :lol:

    Tune in radio
  12. jonboy

    jonboy New Member

    Get it jail broke then you can get whatever you want as often as you want it truly is an addictive phone...

    I got at mo.....

    lottery view (so i never miss my numbers incase i win.....not)
    flick golf,angry birds seasons,angry birds
    star wars trench run (like the arcade version well ace),
    ragdoll (very addictive),labyrinth (again play for time on this),elevens & mondo (cards),lumina (like the old simon game),tesla wars,collider,flight deck,crazy train,reckless racing,ice age,i dig it ,i dig it 2,jewel quest,lninjump,paper toss,TRON,paperboy,UMK3,rope and fly,grimm,dominos,battleships,GTSWR,broken sword mirrors edge,avatar,bomberman,neon night,Battlefield bad company2,kill zombies get bread,jet set willy

    to name a few

    o and
    tom tom & nav free plus MCN ride logger (top bit of kit if your a biker)
  13. geordie lee

    geordie lee New Member

    Top Class you have to see it to really appreciate it!

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