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  1. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    i'm donna aka snoball cos everything in my life just snowballs :)

    i was the owner of a 2000 plate wrx turbo 2000 wagon until yesterday :) and now after talking to some people i've sold it and got a totally standard 1997 plate impreza sport wagon to mod now:)

    it's ripe for modding and i've already been onto demon tweeks lining up suspension parts, rims and boots, got some 6 pot front brakes anti roll bars coilovers and strut braces, pipercross induction kit, iridium plugs, interior sorted, paint sorted.

    i'm struggling for rear brakes - i want 6 pot rear brake kits does anyone know where i can get them from ?

    also does anyone know where i can get a full exhaust system from ? - i can get univeersal fitment back boxes but no full systems looking for summat that produces a nice deep burble.

    if anyone can help it'll be most appreciated :)
  2. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    Welcome to LADS Donna :D :D
  3. thenewgalaxy

    thenewgalaxy Member

    Welcome Donna.

    Six pot rears are probably a bit ott, I'd recommend a four pot system such a Brembo or AP. A lot of people also tell me very good things about Alcons.
  4. Gaz2293

    Gaz2293 New Member

    Welcome Donna, As above regarding the brakes, 4 pots are more than ample on the rears, Not sure if K-Sport still do the 6 pot rears as they used to do an 8 pot front and 6 pot rear setup.
  5. Welcome to the club. Feel free to give us a call on 01772611582 or 07786517110 as we do many many different parts for the Impreza including the rear big brake upgrade and exhaust system.

    The Speed Factory
    Unit 6 Longton Business Park
    Station Road
    Much Hoole
  6. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    thanks guys for the warm welcome all the help it's most appreciated :)

    this projects gunna be a long and very rewarding one - i think :)

    guy that's got it is dropping it off over the weekend so my other half will get to see "scoob" (all my cars over the last 20years have been impreza wagons and they've all been called "scoob") first cos i'm away with work.

    i got sent a load of piccies and "scoob's" body panels are all straight as a die considering it's age (16 years old) there isn't a mark on it and it's never been resprayed (don't think it's really been used) - interior looks brand new even the cloth seats have no marks on them and the gearsticks got some wear on it but i can still read the numbers on it :) the floor mats have some wear but they're not holey or badly damaged - did a text check on it and the milage (120,000) is genuine no bad history to it just loads and loads of paperwork :) in short it's an absolute peach :) and the best bit i give £800 for it :) and now the mods list is gunna cost around £3k :(

    the front brakes on my list of things to get are 6 pot AP racing ones and i'm going to use EBC Blue Stuff pads in them. not seen any alcons - going to google them :)

    i've not seen any aftermarket rear brakes for it anywhere - wanted 6's cos that's what my last wagon got (8's up front and 6's on rear abs very necessary) - they do everything for the turbo version :) but very little for the sport version :(

    i've just had a text to say that it's passed it's mot with NO advisorys :)

    might start dancing in a mo :)
  7. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    oh one other thing this wagon is getting a witter towbar fitted to it -- i got a 14ft gp14 sailing dinghy -- so while i was looking at and then ordering rims this morning i had a brainfart and ordered some matching 13" OZ Ultralegga rims (had to buy 4 of them !!!) for the boat trailer to go with the 17" OZ Ultralegga rims i got for the wagon so they'll all match and when it comes to paint i'll have all the rims painted the same colour --- i know it's a bit nuts but this is me :)

    wagons gunna be black with silver fleck - at the moment "scoob's" racing green uuurrrgggghhhh......... :(
    so she'll get painted in about august when i've finished adding the mods :)

    should look good - pics to follow as and when i get everything inc. full membership to your fine community sorted :)

    cheers Gav - your numbers just gone in my fone :) gunna be seeing a fair bit of each other i think :)
  8. st3vo

    st3vo New Member

    Hi Donna and welcome

    you sound like a proper petrol head 8) 8)

    looking forwards to the pics :)
  9. skins21

    skins21 Active Member

    how do and welcome :wink:
  10. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    lol :)

    once i get my teeth stuck in that's it - forget everything else :)

    my last wrx turbo wagon's cylinder head ended up on my kitchen floor just so that i could clean it all properly and make sure that it wasn't damaged at all - then i replaced all the injectors, valves, pistons, had the block relined with ceramic liners before putting it all back together, installed HKS turbo, dump valve, waste gate and completed that wit ha very tasty Blitz exhaust with a stainless cat back cos it sounded really really nice.

    sorry am getting carried away again - my cars are how i like everything else - perfect in every way no matter what it takes. i paid 3 grand for my wrx wagon and spent prolly £20k on it just the way it goes.

    i was in asda (friday big shop / chippy tea :) ) earlier and one of my friends rang me up to ask if i was going to put a turbo or a supercharger in there - i mean i've not even seen it in the flesh yet.............. :)

    forgot to add that my other half is into evo's (uuuurrrrgggghhhhh) and we have a fight for space between my scoob and his evo 4 --- just soooo not right............
  11. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    hi skins21 :)

    thanks for the welcome :)
  12. st3vo

    st3vo New Member

    respect :p cylinder head on kitchen floor :lol: :lol:

    what machines do u drive at work :?:

    and the scoob should get all the space it needs :!: hands down every time.
  13. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    respect right back at ya :) sounds as though you've been there and done that too :)

    at work i drive a JCB 535/95 telehandler complete with turbo and sway kits :) (i look after it myself if i can't fix it then it's tukd)

    i agree that my scoob should take precedence every time but cos i'm at work for like 14hours at a time i'm often last back "scoob" has to be parked on the road :( so that all my neighbours get to see her -- not looking forward to seeing the reaction to my latest project - might have to fit a cover till i can get her painted lol :)

    at least my blade (full stage 3 dynajet, ohlins front and rear shocks plus steering damper, blue flame pipe, OZ rims and pirellis diablo corsa's, fully floating and vented diiscs all round, ebc clutch, HH brake pads, braided hoses all round, ebc 6 pots callipers up front and 4 pot on rear, uprated master cylinders, upside down gearbox etc....) gets to sit on it's paddock stands behind the sofa in the living room --- i forced the issue on that one :)
    i didn't rebuild it from the ground up for jack all :) and yup i got scaffolding after that incident :( (both legs, knees, hips, left wrist) but hey am still here - just hurts when it's cold --- give me a comfy bucket seat now any day :)

    the evo's gunna be in and out of the backyard at home for couple of weeks while i do this job for the railtrack - i got the guys from local garage (they looked after my wrx turbo wagon for me so they know what they're doing) coming monday to have a look and price up a few bits cos i've been working away more and more over the last few years so haven't really got time anymore to put some serious effort in - brakes and suspension system are gunna be fitted by the garage :( (hate it but got no other choice really) but am gunna do the rest :)

    got some other ideas for under the hood but promised myself that am gunna keep it as a sleeper this time :)
  14. st3vo

    st3vo New Member

    sorry to hear about ur accident, that aint good.. how long ago did you come off? i like bikes , its a good free feeling when on one but they are very dangerous.

    my dad lost his leg when he was 22 back in the day. slid on mud tracks from lorrys at a site entrance on a bad bend and straight into a telegraph pole. he was one of the Hells Angels ( Manchester section ) for 20 odd years, unfortunately he died a few years ago and now they have his false leg hanging on the wall at the club house.

    im more into Motocross i have a YZ429F meh beast, fully race built, you wont catch me out on it without full body armour tho, cause you dont tend to bounce as well at 34yr old as u did at 20. when u come off its more of a splatt

    funny we talking about this cause just this morning at the top of the hill as u come off M6 into preston there was a biker in middle of road on his back and it didnt look good :(
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Welcome to LADS Donna.

  16. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

  17. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    they look well sorted dave - they'd even go with my eventual colour scheme too :)

    question for blingscooby can you get hold of a set of prodrive alcons and if so at what cost ? (is my bank manager going to have a heart attack lol :) )

    the reason i use demon tweeks is that i got an account with them last time when i was doing my old wrx turbo wagon and the account gives me 10% off everything i get.
  18. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    wasn't so much one accident - i used to race 400 national cup (kawasaki zxr 400 RR - home built and maintained) even did the tt a few times. i stopped cos i had 22 major accidents in 6 months i pushed the boundaries only they pushed back harder, i raced on street circuits rather than tracks (so all the street furniture is still in place chance of dying pretty good)- rattled the sawdust too much and too hard --- it was good fun doing 150mph down a street marked up at 30 !!!!! still do it every now and then on public streets, you just gotta be careful where you do it cos cars and in particular fords really really do hurt lol :)

    the year dave jeffries got killed on the island was the year that did all the damage. some blokes bike expired mid corner and then the marshalls put dust down (did a good job with it too) then in the next race i went round and hit the patch that had been dusted and lost the back end completely and went down the bike and me separated and the bike went into the wall backwards and then bounced off and collected me in it's path back --- not good being sat in a wheelchair for 18months incapable of doing anything at all. i remember everything about that day in amazing detail and i know that i'll never forget it.

    sorry if this is a bit morbid...........
  19. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    my other half sent me some more piccies this morning :)

    to say that "scoob" looks tasty is an understatement - shame that i''m trapped here and can't go home and get me tools out now :( - could've had it stripped by now :)

    don't expect to see this wagon anywhere for at least 4months :(

    big project with lots of connotations and variables and if jayne gets her way then it'll take longer cos that supercharger she wants me to fit will be going in :)
  20. skins21

    skins21 Active Member

    wow u have had a eventfull life racing bikes 8)

    sounds like u r lucky 2 b alive :shock:

    karl [​IMG]

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