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  1. marc

    marc New Member

    My wife has a 2005 2.0 legacy non turbo and when i came to put some water in the washers this morning i pulled the bonnett release catch and its either snapped or come loose.I now cannot open the bonnett.Any ideas on how i can do this bearing in mind i have 2 left hands.


  2. Obey 1

    Obey 1 Well-Known Member

    depending were it has snapped can you get a grip of the cable through the grill just a thought
  3. marc

    marc New Member

    Can i remove the grill without lifting the bonnett :?:
  4. Maddogpro

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  5. dogma1

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  6. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    Dogmas pic looks to be the right model.

    I can't see how you would get the grille off without lifing the bonnet!

    I can get some pics for you if it would help...

    Being dragged out shopping just now - but will PM my mobile No. if I can help.

    Good luck

  7. dogma1

    dogma1 New Member

    i don't think you could take the grille off as the upper radiator crossmember is where it clips in and that well under bonnet. i would if i was you start working from inside car out
  8. marc

    marc New Member

    Fixed now.Thanks for everybodys help :D Pulled cable from inside car using pliers instead of lever and it just popped. :D

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