Helicopter belonging to Colin McRae crashes!!!

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    I have to admit I felt sick when I heard the news, which is surprising as I have never met the man, I suppose it just goes to show how great a guy he was that his death can have that sort of effect you. I am gutted that I never had chance to meet him, although he has left many amazing memories for us all to remember him by, but somehow that just isn't enough.

    Its such a shame that his son led such a short life and never had chance to follow in Colin's footsteps, it is an absolute tragedy.

    Condolences to His Wife and Daughter, I imagine they will feel extremely proud and priviledged to have had such a great husband and father. And condolences to the family of those who died with him, although I know nothing about them, it is still a great loss to the friends and family who cared for them.

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    After discussion with the LADS admin the above stickers (follow the link) can be purchased from:

    Hi Daz, I'm charging £1 each for up to 3 and 75 p each for over 3 including postage. I'm not doing this for profit at all, I want to do my bit for Colin. Can you send cheque to Kev Dunn 38 Douglas Crescent, KELSO, TD5 8BB. Let me know how many and when you need them for as I have a massive order.


    07966 868576


    You can contact Kev and order your own, make your own donation to the chosen charity and all Kev hopes is peoples human nature and memories of Colin are enough to make sure everyone donates, I have.

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    Fucking brilliant!!!!
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    absolute legend 8) 8)
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    From another web site....

    ITV4 are airing an updated version of Colins biography

    Sunday 30th September on ITV 4
    5:30pm to 6:30pm

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