Helicopter belonging to Colin McRae crashes!!!

Discussion in 'IN MEMORY OF......' started by daztomo, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. andy@scoobyspares

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  2. Parky

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    "No Fear" ...... how much does he suit that car..

    still cant believe whats happened...
  3. steve@cotcomp

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    He will always be the best driver to watch in a Subaru.

    Very sad news :cry:

    RIP Colin
  4. Tomskc

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    A total professional and probably the best driver i've ever seen

    RIP Colin
  5. BEAV-R

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    Heart breaking news :cry: :cry: true legend, he'll be missed. RIP Colin :cry:
  6. :cry:
    Things just don't seem to add up.
    Today is exactly a year on from loosing one of my closest friends in a car crash - now this news :(
  7. scoobyphil2000

    scoobyphil2000 No there not new wheels

    just heard about this I'm really gutted
    one of my all time favorite drivers
    R.I.P colin
  8. wscwunda

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    Realy hoped he was not in the chopper. like many others
    he was the reason i wanted a subaru.
    God bless you Colin and prayers to your family.
  9. meanandgreen

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    This a sad day, and Colin is a great loss.
    i got this from the SIDC.

    Found this message on scoobynet. I found it very touching

    As you are almost certainly aware by now, Colin McRae was tragically killed in the pilot's seat of his helicopter, in an accident yesterday at his home in Lanarkshire. Devastatingly, his 5 year old son was also on board, along with another child and another adult, who have, at time of press, not been named.

    His wife, and 9 year old daughter, were not on board, and our heart felt condolences go to them, Alistair, Jimmy, and the rest of his family and friends today.


    Having personally witnessed Colin's flying a few times, I can tell you that he handled the helicopter with the natural ease and brilliance that he did a Car, or motorbike. But added to that, he was a safe, calculating and restrained pilot. My guess is that the accident would have been caused by a mechanical problem.


    Colin McRae was the reason I :

    a) got heavily into rallying in the first place.
    bought my first Subaru, and
    c) subsequently ran ScoobyNet
    d) personally came to be earning a good part of my living in WRC

    He is one of the absolute key reasons that many of us like Subarus, and even those who simply love the marque (and not because of Colin), probably would not have, if it hadn't been for him creating the phenomenal success of the Legacy and then Impreza.


    His flamboyant style was a double edged sword. He was FANTASTIC to watch, but when you're going that fast, you're going to have the odd hickup. Consequently, he was regarded by many as reckless. I can tell you now, this wasn't the case.

    He was just an unstoppable competitor. He had self belief, and so much NEED to compete, and to be the best, that he just didn't bloody slow down! He just kept changing up through the gears!

    As a driver, to watch the in-car footage of his mastery was both an education, and an exercise in complete and total demoralization. He had no idea how he was able to make a car do what he could, let alone anyone else working it out!


    There are many things that will stick in people's minds about Colin, and I couldn't possibly count them myself, but for me, the true spirit of Colin was in the times when we would be watching the results, always so many of the people working in WRC would want Colin to do well - he was always the people's champion. He'd be trailing by 10 seconds, and struggling to make any ground on whoever was leading. But then you'd watch the live split times coming in and, out of nowhere, he'd be flying.. taking imaginably huge chunks of time out of everyone, on a single stage - to take the lead by a seemingly impossible turn of speed. He'd "have his head on", and at times like that there was no stopping him.

    What he did on those occasions has still not been matched to this day. He was the fastest man on earth, and the stories and hard evidence to back that up are limitless.


    Colin, thank you for everything. You've been a personal inspiration, and a hero to so many of us. You've left an outrageously enviable legacy (if you excuse the pun), and your impact on British motorsport will live on for years to come.

    Our deepest respect and thoughts are with Colin's family.

    Simon, and ScoobyNet
  10. FroSTI

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    A fitting tribute put into words well.

    Just watching F1 on ITV, they have just announced that the sad news has been made official. :( :(
  11. whizzkid

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    R.I.P Colin :( :( a sad day for motorsport a true legend :( :(
  12. TunnelMeister

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    I sadly heard of this through a rallying friend of his family yesterday evening, I've been hoping it was not true...... :cry:

    As David Coulthard said, " why does this always happen to the good guy's?"

    Tragic news, the world is a poorer place for his passing but a richer one for the time he spent among us.

    How can LADS best help celebrate what he gave us?...
  13. Mr.H

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    RIP Colin :(
  14. Anonymous

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    tragic loss this our hearts go out to his family RIP colin :cry: :cry:
  15. ste mako

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    r.i.p colin rallying will never be the same without you :(
  16. McRae-69

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    My condolences to Alison and family god be with you, your were a legend Colin and if there's a tribute please count me in. :cry:
  17. DPS

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    Sincere condolences to the McRae family.

    A very sad day.

    To loose both our World Rally Champions in tragic circumstances is unbelievable.
  18. Torque

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    R.I.P. Colin and Johnny.

    My sincere condolences to the family :cry:
  19. mickp

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    Really sad news. As mentioned before Colin gave everything when in his car and played a big part in raising the profile of Subaru.

    I guess that without the likes of Colin and the good times he brought there would be a few less of us so addicted to Subaru.

    R.I.P to Colin, his young son and passengers.
  20. Watky

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    Is there any chance of us celebrating his life in print in next years LADS calender :?: ,i for one would give up a position in it too see Colin airborne in Finland or kicking up the dust on the Safari.
    Mark(totally devastated)

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