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Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by lpg224kW, May 18, 2006.

  1. lpg224kW

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    guess what.. i removed too much material and even broke through on one flange :evil: what a wally. with 20: 20 hind sight just clean up the original OEM weld snots and be done with it on the fabricated pipes. Have had them welded but it's not ideal.
  2. jim litten

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    Forgot to post this yesterday, but mentioned it to Steve, the gaskets you have are subaru originals, but they're out of a complete engine gasket set, the workshop guy at wildings informed me that when you order a complete gasket set for an engine they come with the two types of exhaust gasket, and subaru policy is replace like with like, and as most cars use the laminated steel ones out of the factory there's going to be one big mountain of foil coated composite gaskets :roll:
  3. phil_wrx

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    so whats the diffrence between un-equal headers and sti ones?
  4. jim litten

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    As standard all turbo subarus (bar the twin scroll set ups) run unequal length headers, aftermarket unequal length headers flow better do to the smoother and cleaner bore of a stainless steel tube for each exhaust port that come together at the collector by the up pipe, due to this design they loose a bit low down, and I mean a bit, but you make up for it in mid range and top end flow.

    Equal length headers suffer from loosing quite a bit of flow at the bottom end but gain masses at the top end, if you've got a car that'll rev forever and short gearing to keep it in the sweet spot then equal length is the choice, if you want mid range grunt then unequal is the way to go.

    Unequal length headers are those such as GT Spec, Megan and Gruppe-s, the original HKS headers and OBX are more equal length.
  5. lpg224kW

    lpg224kW New Member

    bits fitted now

    Got the header changed over this w/e together with the deact exhaust, sti tmic & walbro fuel pump and of course laminated steel ehaust gaskets :lol:

    wrapping smoked like a goodun, set the fire alarm off in my garage :oops: .

    Also had a go temporarilly running a vta( forgot to tighten up the tmic inlet manifold bolts which shook loose), just about limped home with a system rich error!! :oops: :oops:

    All fixed now and the cars at Steve Cottons for a remap today. Phase 1 almost complete :D :D

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