Happy New Year

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by ELV1S, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

    Just thought I'd get this on now as I'll be a bit drunk later, I hope :lol:

    All the best everyone, have a good'n :D

  2. p shore sti

    p shore sti New Member

    You too Dave! Nearly at the end of my first year of membership in a proper club ! With great people! :D
  3. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Happy New Year to all :D
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    All the best Dave and everyone else. I Hope we all have a safe and prosperous new year :wink:
  5. sirduds

    sirduds Active Member

    all the best to everyone in the club :)
  6. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    All the very best everyone. Let's hope 2012 is a good one :D
  7. skins21

    skins21 Active Member

    hope every one has a crackin night and all the best f 2012

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. whitep1

    whitep1 Active Member

    All the best for the new year to everyone,hope its a good one for us all. :)
  9. Turbopercy

    Turbopercy New Member

    All the best LADS hope everybody has a great nite and a fantastic new year
  10. Angry Kid

    Angry Kid New Member

    Happy new year for later
  11. mariuszGTB

    mariuszGTB Active Member

    Happy New Year everybody 8) 8)
  12. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Happy new year all :D
  13. ashgee

    ashgee New Member

    Happy new year to all, all the best for 2012. Hope to get to some of the meets this year.
  14. thatscoobyrocks

    thatscoobyrocks Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year to all :D

    Let the mods commence 8)
  15. Happy new year to everyone. :wink:
  16. HAGGY

    HAGGY Admin

  17. Torque

    Torque Active Member

    Happy new year folks :D
  18. Belly

    Belly Member

    Happy new year and all the best.
  19. boy racer

    boy racer Active Member

    A safe and Happy New Year to all!
  20. FroSTI

    FroSTI Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year everyone :D

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