Grudgement Day Events Elvington 2011

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by reds, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. reds

    reds Member

    I have been asked by a few LADS members for the Grudgement event dates at Elvington.

    Round 1. 17th April

    Round 2. 22nd May (Provisional and limited entry). Scooby Shoot Out.

    Round 3. 19th June

    July 30th & 31st TOTB

    Round 4. 20th & 21st August (Weekend event)

    Round 5. 11th September

    Round 6. 2nd October

    Straightliners are also running Terminal Velocity - top speed championship event on the same above dates over 1/2 mile. Anyone interested Paul/Lee. :lol:

    After a successful 2010 season (Team REDS) will be entering the above dates .
    Anyone can enter these events by turning up on the day, your car will be put into a class depending on modification and power,it will also have to be checked over by the event organisers and sound tested.
    I will update thread with cost A.S.A.P.

    Ian REDS. :D
  2. Toffee

    Toffee New Member

    Hi fella, the day after TA @ Oulton (17th April) I fly to Majorca so cant make the first round, I have already signed up for SSO on the 22nd May on SN, wont be doing the straight line stuff though.

    See you there in May 8)

  3. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    Hope to get to a couple again this year.

    I can be pretty good at telling you where you are going wrong Ian. I can talk great driving tactics from behind the barriers in the car park :oops: :oops: :lol:

    Be a first corner pile up if i ever had a go :roll: :lol:
  4. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Cheers Ian,

    I am planning to do the flag Market on the 16th and then stripping the car out when I get home and doing the grudgement day on the 17th :wink:

    I will defo have a go at the 1/4 mile as well as the handling circuit. I would love to see the top speed of my car tho :lol: :lol:

    Dougie may be up for this event too :?:
  5. reds

    reds Member

    I have today been in touch with the event organisers,the cost per car on the day is £50 for the Grudgement day events.

    There is also a £10 enterance fee for adults on the gate children under 16 free.

    The scooby shoot out will be £80 this is a limited entry event and can be booked through Striaghtliners or Scoobynet.

    I will update the thread should there be any changes.

    Ian REDS. :wink:
  6. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    I'd better get my ar$e in gear....
  7. reds

    reds Member

    You have been a bit quiet about your car Neil. :lol:
    Great to hear you are giving it a go this year.

    We are making a few more mods to the car this year thanks to Andy at

    Ian REDS. :D
  8. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    Still got to tie up my sponsorship deal yet Ian... ;) :D
  9. reds

    reds Member

    reds wrote:
    You have been a bit quiet about your car Neil.
    Great to hear you are giving it a go this year.

    Ian REDS.

    Niel wrote:
    Still got to tie up my sponsorship deal yet Ian...

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. ScoobyDaz

    ScoobyDaz Member

    That August one 30:31st Tues/Wed ? :?
  11. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

    We are just trying to sort the dates out Daz, something doesn't tally up :?
  12. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    These are the dates I have...

    17th April
    19th June
    20th 21st August
    11th September
    2nd October

    hmmmm, something not quite right somewhere...
  13. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

    All correct dates now added in Ian's first post.

    They are Grudgement Day events unless posted otherwise ie TOTB and Scooby Shoot Out

  14. andyscoobym3csl

    andyscoobym3csl New Member

    i will be there ian competing
  15. reds

    reds Member

    Not in a Subaru Andy. :lol: :lol: But will be very quick and should turn a few heads. 8)
  16. andyscoobym3csl

    andyscoobym3csl New Member

    yep, just hope it passes the sound test, its a noisy thing
  17. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    What time does the event open???

    Can't wait to give my car a good pasting on circuit and up the 1/4 mile on Sunday :D :D :D

    Think I have bitten off more than I can chew going to flagmarket day before :roll: not as clean as it should be :roll:
  18. reds

    reds Member

    Paul, gates open at 8.30am if you are competing,registration is 9.00am to 10.00am racing starts about 10.30am.

    Ian REDS. :wink:
  19. whizzkid

    whizzkid New Member

    Sounds interesting, can see myself being at this one. :) :)
  20. andyscoobym3csl

    andyscoobym3csl New Member

    argh, looks like i will have to get up a bit earlier now, thought i could just roll up at 1030 and away i go
    red bull for me :lol: :lol:

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