Grizedale Stages Rally - 29th November

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by FroSTI, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    It's a great day out

    being a first timer here's a few tips for Grizedale

    The climate can be most unusual for the time of year

    so unusual some members prefer to wear light summer clothing to combat the gentle tornado that occasionaly "flutters" through the area 8)

    Some choose a more casual flip flop type of footwear,this stops the ice freezing up your laces :shock:

    The choice is yours :wink:
  2. ste mako

    ste mako New Member

    no dig at cunny there gary :lol: :lol: i will be opting for an arctic type conditions outfit :lol:
  3. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Oh yes :lol:

    I wore my skiing gear 8)

    kept tripping over my skis though :roll:
  4. ste mako

    ste mako New Member

    thats bad :lol:
  5. DanC

    DanC New Member

    I remember last year the gentle flurry of snow beating down on my face whilst the gentle rain showers wafted my jeans and converse shoes.
    Before the onset of frostbite :lol:
  6. blue555scoob

    blue555scoob New Member

    LOL @Dan C
    My little lad was sure in pain by the time I took his wellies off to get back into car :shock:
    Even the spicy cumberland sausage didn't warm him up :wink:
  7. TonyGTB

    TonyGTB Member

    1. Scoobydobydoo
    2. Cunny
    3. jet
    4.Ian Sub-BLT
    6. legacy twin turbo 1504
    7. Scooby Towers
    8.ste mako
    9. Ian
    10. Blue555scoob - Andy (fingers crossed)
    11. Davo & Aazzo!!
    12. ELV1S
    12b&c. wd40 & MrsWD40 (weather permitting i.e. no snow)
    14. DT scooby up for the weekend.
    15. Mr incredible and son(Al)
    16. 5N!P3R and son
    17. TonyGTB and Son

    See you all at the tickled trout at that ungodly hour for a saturday
    Should be bringing 5N!P3R too because subaru made his engine from egg boxes and washing up liquid bottles :wink:
  8. FroSTI

    FroSTI Well-Known Member

    LOL :lol: you lot are leaving late. We have got to be there for 7:00am to sign on :shock: looks like a v early get up :shock:
  9. Alex307d

    Alex307d New Member

    See you all there. !!!

    Cant wait now.. Hope it doesnt snow, as that'll bring the pace down !! :cry: and my girlfriend Spectating will get cold and moan all the way home. :roll:

    Car 17 all ready to go... so give it some welly cheering it on, and all comments on sunday welcome... unless they are really nasty !

  10. blue555scoob

    blue555scoob New Member

    Forecast looking good, but boy can conditions change every minute :shock:
    Flip flops and deck chair for me after checking out forecast :lol: 8) :lol:
  11. Scoobydobydoo

    Scoobydobydoo Lifetime and founder member

    Just to remind everybody that is planning on meeting at Tickled Trout, here is Ian,s post with the aranged time :wink:
  12. JET

    JET New Member

    Bit of a problem cropped up, will be there if at all possible at 7:30am, if I'm not there at 7:45 don't wait for me. :? coz I won't be coming :wink:
  13. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    Hope you can get there Gary. see you all in the morning, looks like we are in for a bit of a freak heatwave :wink:
  14. DanC

    DanC New Member

    i'll see you tommorow although its tempting to stay in bed got to give my gear a test run before rally gb :D
  15. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    You bought yourself some new flip flops :shock:
  16. blue555scoob

    blue555scoob New Member

    I will text or call Chris around 8.15am to see where you are on the M6, then join up :wink:

    I have looked at several forecasts and its going to be cold but nothing dropping from the sky (so they say, but they aint been to Grizzly Grizedale). No more than 2 oC during the day but feeling colder.
    -1 up until sunrise :shock: .

    SO BEWARE the roads to Moor Top are VERY good for a scoob but the black ice isn't. We don't want anyone falling off. :wink:
  17. Sub BLT

    Sub BLT New Member

    Looks like Alax came in 6th O/A well done fella. gave you a wave but you didn`t wave back .....funny that you did look busy like :lol: :lol:
  18. Sub BLT

    Sub BLT New Member

    I got a wave from rusty ......and he was in the seat were all the hard work goes on ,the co driver`s seat :lol: :lol: Well done to both of you :!: :!:
  19. rusty

    rusty New Member

    :D :D
  20. Alex307d

    Alex307d New Member

    Hello Peeps...

    Yes... Sorry I didnt even notice you, let alone wave back !! I was a tad busy at the wheel mind. :roll:

    My Girlfriend spotted a load of you guys parked up... I believe you were on Stage two ??
    Near mc raes corner i imagine.

    So... come on then... Comments !!...

    And yes... 6th Overall in a World Rally Car Sandwich... Also 2nd in GpN.
    I see theres a video of a moment on You tube..

    If Rusty was in Car 69 ? Did he stay in the Wilsons arms ? and is it the guy who bought some wheels off me some time ago.. Eddie Meek ?

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