Grizdale Stages 2006 - Who's going ?

Discussion in 'Car & Motorsport Events' started by Scooby Towers, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. lpg224kW

    lpg224kW New Member

    Is high barn the viewing destination of choice, sounds like you regularly go there?

    Never been before, is it safe to bring the wife and kids? they want to come too!!

  2. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    Hi Ralph

    There are always kids and families up there. I sometimes take my kids rallying but at this time of year it can be cold and wet (although it wasn't to bad last year, unlike Parkhall stages, that was B***dy frezzing) so not always a good idea if they are young. High Barn was Kev Frost and Chris Towers find I think. We have been a few times, not to far from car park, some good viewing points on a tight left hand bend ......oh and did I mention they do a great cumberland sausage buttie..

  3. Scoobydobydoo

    Scoobydobydoo Lifetime and founder member

    I might save you one this year Ian LOL :wink:
  4. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Them sausages are bigger than you Martin :shock: :lol:
  5. lpg224kW

    lpg224kW New Member

    You sure its safe to take kids :D

    Cheers Ian I'll make sure they're well wrapped up, er I mean Jayne will. really looking forward to it, should be a grand day out!!
  6. mcscoobydoo

    mcscoobydoo New Member

    Bought me a new digital camera yesterday - cant wait to try it out for this one :D - deffo still on for this

    Only works do is on the Friday so I''ll be havin an early exit from do :(

    So much to do in so little time :roll:
  7. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    I'm an expert on taking photos at rally events :lol:

    I'll show you what not to do :oops:
  8. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member


    You need to widen your scope a bit as there will be no cones on this one, however often some good red and white hazard tape. :D
  9. DanC

    DanC New Member

    why not take some cones and tape with you? :wink:
  10. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    OK Dan, will do 8)

    They will come in handy for putting where the sun don't shine matey :shock: :lol: :wink:
  11. mcscoobydoo

    mcscoobydoo New Member

    We cud take some mobile traffic lights as well, u can take some snaps while lights are on red :lol:
  12. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Listen chaps

    I've had specialist training to get the angle just right on them cones :lol:
  13. fireman sam

    fireman sam New Member

    Cones,tape etc............can someone tell me what this is all about then i can take the micky out of Gaz as well :wink:
  14. ELV1S

    ELV1S Administrator

  15. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    Its not really that funny, he tried his best and its not really fair that we all pick on him purely for his inability to take a few pictures, we all have our faults its just Gary has more than most. :p
  16. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Thanks for being so understanding Ian :D

    It's been a stressful week,so stresfull I took the dog out for a walk the other day and forgot to take the dog :shock: :oops:

    (I kid you not :lol: )
  17. Tarzan !!

    Tarzan !! Well-Known Member

    It would have been worse if you didn't even have a dog. See always a positive side
  18. fireman sam

    fireman sam New Member

  19. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    :roll: DOH - I'm out - I't's my lads birthday party that day...

    Have a good time y'all :lol:

    Mick :mrgreen:
  20. Gary

    Gary Active Member

    Have we decided on a meeting up time, I presume it's still tickled trout.

    Who's in charge, c'mon own up
    :shock: :lol:

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