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Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Obey 1, May 27, 2019.

  1. Obey 1

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    does anybody know if this can be done , on my front door glass both sides got approx an inch wide line of scratch marks vertical, it seems as if something is catching inside the panel but dont here anything , can these be polished out or new or recond glass fitted
  2. ELV1S

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    It’s quite common Dave, my P1 has it, it’s where the window slides down inside on the bushes that hold the window in position, I live with it on mine but I think the only way to get rid is new windows and new bushes pal
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  3. The brushes area sort of felt pad meant to guide the glass as it goes up & down inside the door.
    Unfortunately tiny bits of grit get embedded in them and start to scratch the glass.
    They are easy enough to remove (door panel off then a 10mm bolt) and once off can be cleaned to hopefully stop any more scratches.

    I've not come across any polish strong enough to tackle scratches on glass, so your best bet is probably replacement (if you can find some non scratched glass !)
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  4. Obey 1

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    cheers dave and chris prob look into some replacement glass and before a install clean the brushes
  5. Might be worth asking a tinting expert if a low level tint would hide the scratches - may be a more cost effective solution.
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    Not for that im in hurry but anyone gonna look after em or we left alone whit that and trying on our own to fix these camera stuck issues??

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