Get it mapped, get it mapped get it mapped........

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by dtscooby, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. dtscooby

    dtscooby Member

    Monday is the day, I'll be taking a trip to CAM's to get my motor tweaked and mapped by Brian, Tim and Andy....

    #excited. :shock:
  2. MR WRX

    MR WRX Member

    Been there, done that ( In September ) and I've still got a smile on my face
  3. dtscooby

    dtscooby Member

    Can't wait, although I don't know what to really expect! :roll:
  4. MR WRX

    MR WRX Member

    You will feel a massive differance, Andy, Brian and all the lads at Cams did a top class job !!
  5. Shmerman

    Shmerman Active Member

    Andrew has done a great jib on my old UK turbo

  6. dave-w-

    dave-w- Well-Known Member

    Good lad enjoy 8)
  7. scalesy

    scalesy New Member

    Done many times now! Best mod you can do to your Scoob 8)
  8. dtscooby

    dtscooby Member

    500bhp+ is a bit more than I'm aiming for........but then again, this time last year I told Dave Wong I was leaving it standard!
  9. thenewgalaxy

    thenewgalaxy Member

    500bhp in a classic... bet that's surprised a couple of German saloons lol
  10. Shmerman

    Shmerman Active Member

    It has surprised a few things yes. Especially as it doesn't really look great at the moment. Still got the low boot spoiler on and unfinished paint on the fog covers etc.
  11. Jwrx

    Jwrx Active Member

    Are you gona just leave it in there capable hands? Or are you gona drive it whilst it's being mapped?
  12. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Nice results 8). Is this an old graph or a current one?
  13. dtscooby

    dtscooby Member

    I've no idea, the goodies are been fitted in the morning and Andy's coming in the afternoon. Im staying for the day, probably on brew duty!
  14. Shmerman

    Shmerman Active Member

    Most recent one mate
  15. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    8) I am glad to see your nane on the totb list and you are ready to use it :twisted:
  16. Shmerman

    Shmerman Active Member

    Absolutely, it's what I built it for be good to battle against some of the club cars.
  17. blackpoolrock

    blackpoolrock New Member

  18. Tim

    Tim LADS Sponsor

    Have you wiped your arse with that printout?? looking rather stained...
  19. tharrington

    tharrington Active Member

    That was funny Tim, made me laugh mate :lol:

    You guys will have to be aware because John's strategy is to wipe his butt with Cams best efforts this year in the head to head! :wink:
  20. tharrington

    tharrington Active Member

    Watch your backs!

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