Gearbox advice please

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by PHM, May 28, 2007.

  1. PHM

    PHM New Member

    May have a potential gearbox fault developing but need further direction please :D

    Only noticeable in 5th gear at reasonably low speeds (30-40Mph) but when the drive is taken up I can hear a slight clunk. Any ideas what it may be.

    It goes in/out of gear fine and drives normally - just the drive take up.

  2. PHM

    PHM New Member

    Anyone :wink: :cry:
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    may be the retaining plate next to 5 gear may be slighty bent or end nut tab on gear shaft may have started to come lose prob best to take your car to a gearbox specialist to have a look at car to see what he thinks
  4. PHM

    PHM New Member

    Will be restricting my driving now untill I get back to the UK.

    Any recommendations for a local specialist around the LADS area.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    where abouts u from in uk
  6. PHM

    PHM New Member

    In Rossendale when back...not far from Rawtenstall.

    Thinking of taking the end case off the transmission housing to have a look at the 5th gear and lock-nuts. How easy is it to tighten the nut once the case is removed?
  7. nas sti

    nas sti New Member

    sounds like the gear selector has gone on 5th .
  8. PHM

    PHM New Member

    Had it out for a run. Come to the conclusion that it's oil related. I'm getting a slight clunk when I change from 4th to 5th at 100mph (autobahn :D ) BUT not at any other speeds. My previous post said at 30-40mph but that was after coming into town after a 3 1/2hr journey on the autobahn after a hard days drive on the ring. Changing to 5th at any other speed is ok.

    In for gearbox and diff oil changing at Subaru on we'll see.

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