Future Subaru?

Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by FroSTI, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. FroSTI

    FroSTI Well-Known Member

  2. blackpoolrock

    blackpoolrock New Member

    Loks like a Prius
  3. Torque

    Torque Active Member

    I quite like the BRZ wagon :) but the 2015 WRX is hideous.

    I think I probably saw it via the same site Kev and the write up on the WRX CVT auto is amusing :lol:
  4. thunderousity

    thunderousity Member

    Looks like they're sticking with the more reliable 2.0 rather than the 2.5
    Looks more legacy than impreza but I like it.
  5. mickp

    mickp Well-Known Member

    The WRX is awful. The designers seem to have lost the plot. A sports car simply should not look like that. That will never compete on looks with any performance type car.

    2/10 from me :( and :evil:
  6. markscooby

    markscooby Active Member

    its more for the american market and when do they make a nice looking car so it will look good to them :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. snowball scoob

    snowball scoob New Member

    the top one looks like a gt86 and the bottom one looks like an avensis - wtf ?????

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