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Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Pete_W, Aug 30, 2021.

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    2019 Outback - Just fitted a gadget from Aliexpress to fold mirrors and wind up windows when car locked. Works a treat now. All communication is via Ali's website and uses a translator, which does mean some patience is needed to get the intended message across and be sure to understand the answer! Initially had to make sure they knew it was RHD and they wanted a picture of the control panel on the driver's door. Then at first it would fold the mirrors and wind 3 windows up and the driver's window DOWN! More help from Ali, got a picture showing which wires to swap over. Fortunately, I can drive a soldering iron, so wires got swapped and finally it does as expected. Instructions that come with it are just about incomprehensible. Did discover that to leave the windows down a bit (dog left in car) then hit Lock - mirrors fold then windows start to close - hit Lock again - windows stay where they are & dog survives,
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    Useful information Pete, thanks

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