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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by Sub BLT, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Sub BLT

    Sub BLT New Member

    Hi I f anyone receives an email from me please don't open it ,I've had my yahoo account hacked and its sent everyone in my contacts a spam email
    Cheers Ian
  2. FroSTI

    FroSTI Well-Known Member

    Thought so :shock:
  3. thenewgalaxy

    thenewgalaxy Member

    Yes it was very different to the usual ones I get about meeting up in mens' toilets :shock:
  4. ProdriveWagon

    ProdriveWagon 3rd Scoob = an ej20 engined Hatch

    On a similar note, don't fall for the 'Your BTYahoo mail account is ending, upgrade from your classic account'

    Very good this one, click reply, email addy looks genuine =CHECK
    Click on other links in email, goes to genuine BT sites =CHECK
    Click on the upgrade link and DOH! Virus

    Still trying to sort mine out DOH!

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