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Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Finchy, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Swordmaster

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    "Generally speaking, forged pistons are a better choice for high boost."


    the swordmaster
  2. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

    Yup they can also take high boost, as stated in that rather old document [;)] when hyperrheuetic pistons first started to come out (they are used alot in motorsport over forged) but they are suseptable to det, just like any other piston, and ive not yet heard of any tuned (or standard) JDM Twin scroll car breaking one or more pistons, or engines for that matter [;)]
    What you do benefit from is the fact that you can have better engine tollerences over forged pistons due to their expansion properties, ie they dont expand as much, hence also the reason why you find UK Subarus use lots of oil and JDM ones dont (never filled my oil up yet as its never gone off the full mark).
    Also note that the makeup of these pistons is what makes them good, though you would never use hyperrheuetic cranks for instance as forged will be stronger in that case due to the forces that cranks have put on them.

  3. KEV C

    KEV C Lifetime and founder member


    Only kidding Tony, im at work and im bored[;)]
  4. Tony Burns

    Tony Burns New Member

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    Only kidding Tony, im at work and im bored[;)]

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    Its friday Kev [;)] only half a day to go before the weekend [:D]

  5. ScoobyDan

    ScoobyDan New Member

    Wish I had gone for a JDM spec[V]
    Bungles car is an excellent example of what can be done to one without spending a fortune, it was very impressive at the rr day.[8D]
    However I didn buy one and I would lose a fortune on mine if I tried to sell it now so I decided to modify[:D]
    Hopefully by the time Paul15 and Richard Bulmer have finished with it next week it wont be too far behind a JDM model but I do except that the JDM model is superior and more importantly stronger in nearly every area[;)]
  6. KK3960

    KK3960 Active Member

    Dan Paul is a good lad and a meticulous mechanic. He put the STI red top Inlet manifold on mine when no one said it could be done, even the boffins on Scoobynet and yes my hero Andy F also had his doubts due to the tumble valve set up. So maximum respect to Paul15. Just wish he would get his own bloody car finished off and stop faffing around with everybody elses! [;)]

    For anyone who doesnt know, Paul15 is building a complete monster, circa 600HP he anticipates when complete unless i stand corrected Paul ??

    Rich Wild at Japs was the one who started me off on this expensive excersise Tony. All started off with one of their back boxs. Anyway enough said now on the subject. Paul car is gonna be the one in the club to watch out for !!
  7. ScoobyDan

    ScoobyDan New Member

    You are so right about Paul Kris, I am absolutely delighted with what he has done so far, I can wait until it gets finished off on Wednesday[:D]
    I promised myself that I had finished with the engine mods but then somebody kindly let me have a go in a car with a TD05 20g and I haven been able to get the thoughts of bigger turbos out of my head since[;)]
    Problem is if I go for the turbo I would want bigger injectors, and a better intercooler[:D]
    Think I better just go for the remap[;)]
  8. paul 15

    paul 15 New Member

    Thanks guys,
    Glad to see you are pleased with the work done on your pride and joys.
    The Performance Developments car will be done very soon as well as our 400bhp+ STI conversion .
  9. nas sti

    nas sti New Member

    test drive pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [:D]
  10. Finchy

    Finchy New Member

    Just thought i would let you know how i got on. Bought a vf35 for next to nothing had the wastegate ported and uprated actuator fitted at turbo dynamics got a set of sti pinks off the fleabay for 130 quid. Had the car mapped at powerstation and coupled with the equal length headers full de cat and exhaust she put down 320bhp and 405nm at 1.25 bar. The little vf35 spins up so quick its unreal and the midrange is so usable. Im just well chuffed with it
  11. rusty

    rusty New Member

    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Finchy</i>
    <br />I understand entirely what your saying guys and i know that the sti is a far better car to start modding from but the fact of the matter is that i must have a wagon for work purposes.<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></font id="quote"></blockquote id="quote">

    STi Forester - STi performance in an estate

    edit to add:



    Standard kit:
    6 speed box
    STi Engine (red top, intercooler, etc)
    big boot [:D]

    Another edit:


    I am in no way related to sale but have a look at what you get for your money [8D]
  12. Finchy

    Finchy New Member

    Yes i was looking at one that they had down at powerstation/ litchfield imports and they really are a " proper tool " but how ugly is it ?
  13. rusty

    rusty New Member

    PMSL [:D] I take you you are not a Bugeye fan then [:p]

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