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Discussion in 'General LADS chat' started by Jwrx, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Jwrx

    Jwrx Active Member

    These look good. Any thoughts lads...
    Look at this on eBay:

  2. Davo

    Davo New Member

    Using Kevlar pads in mine from Goodspeed Brakes, they're bang on, would easily send you over the handle bars :lol:
  3. st3vo

    st3vo New Member

    do you get brake squeal from them kevlar pads mate?
  4. Davo

    Davo New Member

    Bought the kit, Wrx Pro callipers, grooved discs and kevlar pads, absolutely transformed the braking, don't understand why anybody would buy second hand Subaru callipers when you can buy the Wrx Pro' s for roughly the same price.

    Sorry St3vo !! No squeal clunks or clicks whatsever :wink:
  5. wrxLancelot

    wrxLancelot New Member


    I use Godspeed pads at the moment and they’re great. If you call them and say you’re on the ScoobyNet forum he’ll give a reasonable discount (SN does have its advantages sometimes, in between all the dump valve and flaming exhaust threads). I’ll be looking to get some grooved disks off them this year as mine starting to look like the OEM ones they’re that worn.
  6. STI_chris

    STI_chris New Member

    I had the kelvar pads from godspeed and couldn't get them to work also tried performance friction and found them not to dissimilar, so went back to mintex 1155 and happy days stops on a sixpence hot or cold and squeals like a pig on heat.....
  7. Watky

    Watky New Member

    Ive recently changed to Carbon Lorraine pads, had PF's before and they felt wooden. Really pleased with them, the stopping power even from stone cold is amazing.

    But they are quite vocal
  8. Davo

    Davo New Member

    Can't hear the Kevlar pads at all, they're whisper quiet I think they're working I haven't hit the house yet :shock:
  9. Hss anyone tried the new Brembo sport pad ?
  10. tharrington

    tharrington Active Member

    Running blue stuff front - kevlar rear. Quite happy with them, the blue stuff work better when up to temperature but have no comparison really as this is my first performance car.

    The only issue I have is there is a much more brake dust that comes off the rear in comparison to the front.
  11. Tomcyk

    Tomcyk Member

    I just am finishing bedding them in, but decided to buy the discs for them, instead of keeping old ones, so it will take few more miles to bed in, but so far so good, different league to the stock pile of kak i had
  12. Tomcyk

    Tomcyk Member

    Finished bedding in and now they have been coupled with Godspeed's discs .... breaking power is great...
    I can activate the ABS at any speed, if I press the pedal hard enough car stops instantly - however from cold it can be felt when the pads are picking up the warmth and their breaking improves - saying this, bite from cold is awesome.
    All in all, great pads these ! great bite from cold, and awesome when warmed up - all this during some fast road driving, no track action.
    no squeeling either, worth every peenny
  13. westy27rs

    westy27rs New Member

    just fitted goodspeed discs and kevelar pads yet to bed them in but hoperfully there okay :/.
  14. Tomcyk

    Tomcyk Member

    let us know, I found that i seem to get loads of judder under very heavy breaking - it goes away if i cool them down
  15. dtscooby

    dtscooby Member

    Good info as mine are due a change soon!
  16. I went for the Performace Friction Z rated.

    I'm still bedding them in at the moment but I have noticed they give off a lot of dust (that may be the bedding in layer).

    They are stopping the car well and didn't fade on todays run out - I'll have to see how well they perform when I use them in anger.
  17. westy27rs

    westy27rs New Member

    had the kevelar pad on the road for 7 days now. they provide average stopping power for me i expected alot more from them. one thing i did notice though is stopping from 130 hard sparks were visible flying past my window much to the amusment to my mate in the car behind. also i have had a look at the pad and half of it has worn away :( these are refurb calipers so no chance of the pistons being stuck. i had brake fade initially but since they have been run in im yet to experience any. the rear pads have hardly worn. the sparks did worry me but it must have been somthing stuck in the disc it has not happened since
  18. KEV C

    KEV C Lifetime and founder member

    When I bought my car a few weeks ago it was squeeling its nuts off, don't know what pads it had in. Changed them this week to Mintex and bought some Mintex noise suppresent grease and they're still squeeling, its driving me nuts.

    Spoke to Brakes International this morning and they're ordering me a Pad that they guarantee won't squeal (can't remember the name) AND they said if I return the Mintex pads they'll give me a refund on them :D
  19. westy27rs

    westy27rs New Member

    happy days never had a problem with squealing just looks like my pads will be due a change very soon by the looks of the wear on them :(
  20. Tomcyk

    Tomcyk Member

    ok, i can update too.

    Brembo sport stopping power is AWESOME !
    never a break fade, and i have been abusing them a bit ..because (and this is where I might need your expertise)
    when breaks/discs heat up i get a lot of judder.... sometimes even at cold, and I was advised to give them few hard breaking actions to clear deposits off the discs - so I did.

    all been run in properly etc....only started abusing them because i noticed the judder at high speeds -

    discs are new from Godspeed breaks - 294mm
    pads are truely epic in my books - but not sure about these bloody discs :evil:

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