brake pad change on 54 plate Civic sport

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by mcscoobydoo, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. mcscoobydoo

    mcscoobydoo New Member

    any one got a CD manual for civics

    I've got one for the scoob and use it regularly ro seek guidance.

    Could do with one for the missus' car = gotta do brakes this weekend

    not had a look yet to see how they come out


  2. LOL - What time can I expect you ? :D
  3. KK3960

    KK3960 Active Member

    Wouldnt mind a copy of that CD myself Andy if you get a spare 5 mins to burn me one:wink:

    If you pm me your address ill put a blank one in the post for you mate.
  4. GWS73

    GWS73 Active Member

    Not sure if I have one or not Andy, I'll have a look for you.

    However, you don't need a manual for Civic brakes, they are remarkably simple to change :D
  5. mcscoobydoo

    mcscoobydoo New Member

    I wondered when you'd post up. :lol:

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