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  1. Can anone recommend a Boiler engineer who covers the Clitheroe area?

    Its nothing serious (boiler its still working) but it could do with a service and has started a "on / off" screaching every now and then :cry:
  2. Torque

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    PM sent :wink:
  3. markscooby

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  4. Re: pmsl

    ...not according to one of their customers who sits next to me at work they don't :wink:

    20+ visits to "fix" her boiler - each visit resulting in 1/2 a day of work for her or her husband :shock: .

    Wouldn't touch em with a barge pole :wink:
  5. Andy.McCord

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    is it spitting the wood out again chris :p
  6. Graphite

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    I had a problem with my Vaillant EcoTEC 937 ... Came home from holiday and had heating but no hot water :(

    Got a mate who is CORGI Reg to come and look - but he doesn't know them... read the manual and suggested some parts to get... They weren't the right parts... Found a Vaillant specialist was just round the corner... He came and had a look... Thought it was probably the small pump for the storage tanks but wasn't sure... he suggested that I check up on the price of a pump - £180 + VAT and also check up on how much Vaillant charge to send a gas fitter out and a guaranteed fix... £260 - or £284 for a fix plus 12 months cover... Everyone said go for the Vaillant option...

    The guy came and diagnosed it in 5 minutes - then came back 2 days later with a mate and fixed it in less than 1 1/2 hours... 8)

    The 'Vaillant specialist' turned out to be a specialist installer - not fault finder... anyway you live and learn - Just got a bill of £84 from him yesterday for fault diagnosis :? - Ah well, they've got to eat I suppose...

    Funny thing is the boiler is 4 years old... Had a 2 year warranty... Now they have 5 year warranty and 7 if installed by one of their 'Advanced Installers' :shock: DOH!
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    I need more boiler engineers to work for me ! Anyone who previously sent me emails please re send as computer crashed and took all data !
  8. When can I start ? :lol:

    I rang a couple of recommended engineers but none were available until 6th Jan.

    Not wanting a cold Christmas, and having worked on multi million pound aircraft before, I thought "how hard can it be" and broke out the toolbox.

    30 mins later I'd totally dismantled the boiler and worked out that the fan was starting to sieze, which was stopping the control unit moving onto its next operation (fire up the pilot light).

    £200 :shock: later and I was in possession of a new fan and surround, and 30 mins later everything was back together and working fine.

    Thanks to all the people who sent me recommendations 8) ... at least I've a second career to fall back on should I need it :lol:

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