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  1. adamb87

    adamb87 New Member

    Hello people i am after a bit of a review from anybody who has happened to use this company or happen to know of anybody who has. I am on the lookout for a new kitchen at present and saw them in St Georges shopping centre, preston and asked form some info from them. Anyway i ended up arranging a design appointment and quote. So far so good. So the bloke was here last night, he measured up and we decided what we wanted and he gave us a quote, again was happy with it. Now my problem is that he had a very to the point, almost scripted and very forceful sales pitch. Altough this is normal with salesman i got the impression that it was too good to be true. I thought i would do a bit of research on them on the old google and there appears to be some very worrying reviews, hence why i wanted some genuine people with real reviews as you never know who is posting up on the net (ie the actual company). And plus i like to think i can trust the fellow LADS boys and girls :) So if anybody can help out i would most appreciate it. :D
  2. Anonymous

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    If it's too good to be true it probably is, If he using a Scripted forceful sales technique he's almost certainly on commission, One you've signed he won't give a stuff about your kitchen he'll have had his pay day.

    Look in the Yellow pages or better a personal refferance, My brother's been a self employed joiner for the last 25 years and fitted the last two kitchens of mine but he's based in Halifax so too far to travel. Someone will come along on here.

  3. adamb87

    adamb87 New Member

    Cheers Michael. I had a few hours discussing it with him last night and went to bed thinking about it, and the more it went round in my head the more it didnt make as much sense. Then followed it up with a little google and bad things come came out about them. I know a joiner, it was just i wanted it planning as well but i supoose it doesnt always need to be a big firm to do this !! probably being a bit naive in my age haha
  4. blackpoolrock

    blackpoolrock New Member

    I have a few houses that I do up - the best kitchens about for value are from howdens - all levels well built - they come built so no flat pack just get a joiner to fit them - they do a good design service too for free and no sales pitch
  5. dave-w-

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    i had better living out for a quote i listened to him for 5 mins then asked him to leave :x

    i have just had a fitted bedrom installed by wow bedrooms in blackpool and the quality of product and install was top notch so we are having him in to fit our kitchen also i have teams of joiners working for me but i am so busy i just needed someone to come in and get the job done with minimal input :D

    well worth giving duncan from wow a call :wink:
  6. Scottydog

    Scottydog New Member

    I can recommend Howdens for quality, they have a good reputation.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    This is a Howdens Kitchen in a house I rent out cost £800 + Fitting.

  8. adamb87

    adamb87 New Member

    Cheers for that people. I am currently listing the products off the howdens website using the layout which beta living did for me last night haha At least he managed to do something ok !! Thanks for the input from everybody :)
  9. covak2002

    covak2002 Active Member

    got howdens in mine love it stong all round installed this year love it even went with there fridge freezers
  10. Tenbags

    Tenbags New Member

    I put Howdens kitchens in all my rental properties and have put them in a few customers houses, top quality for the money
  11. adamb87

    adamb87 New Member

    looks like it will be howdens then :)
  12. Sub BLT

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    We used betta living and the kitchen quality is fine but the installers were a load of sh@t they gave us the speal about there fitters being the best and unfortunately my wife lapped it up and fell for it hook line and sinker .the fitters on the day were a bunch of lazy half wits that spent most of the day on the phone .They put my breakfast bar in so wonky it was un true and then just said my wall was out ,we'll it should of been cut to the wall ! To be fair to betta living when I called them out to inspect it they were appalled and said they would send them back but my wife did not want them back in the house but they said they had to because they had payed them for the job so that screams sub contractor to me ,they even put one of the cupboards over the corner of a socket :shock: sorry for the rant but I've been dying for someone to ask about them :lol:
  13. Graphite

    Graphite 23rd June 2016 - Vote LEAVE EU!

    After planning an IKEA version - then got undercut on price by B&Q multiple special offers all at once :) - A friend sent his joiner round - He was happy to do the job - but said he wouldn't use IKEA or B&Q stuff only Howdens... He took the B&Q plan to Howdens and they price matched...

    Very pleased with the job 8)
  14. blackpoolrock

    blackpoolrock New Member

    To be fair just slung a b@q one in another renter - joiner said it was as good as a howdens only difference is it comes flat packed where as howdens is built
  15. adamb87

    adamb87 New Member

    once again thanks for all the positive negative comments about them which confrimed my fears about them :)

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