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Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by Scooby Towers, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. Andrew,
    Bit of a naive question - but here goes -
    What sort of damage is caused (if any) when running your form of anti lag ? (ie DV off)

    I know with the ECU controlled anti lag, (technical discription follows [:D]) fuel is chucked in prior to the turbo, and the heat from the zorst makes it explode, therefore spinning the turbo.
    The downside is however the length of time the turbo lasts.

    Could you (in laymans terms please [;)]) describe how it works ?

  2. Andy.McCord

    Andy.McCord New Member

    This is going to end in tears [:D] i cant believe youre now getting interested in anti-lag [:p]
  3. Maybe not - depends on his answer [:D]

    and what can you believe about it ?
  4. Andy.McCord

    Andy.McCord New Member

    well, its under the bonnet stuff for a kick off [:0]
  5. Andy.McCord

    Andy.McCord New Member

    Actually it depends on which turbo you have as to how long it will last, u should off jumped on the gems groupbuy for antilag & afaik the WRC cars actually electrically ignite the unburnt fuel,which removes all back pressure from the system, but as you can imagine your exhaust wont last long, what id like to know from Andrew is in what way does it use the vacumn from the servo to assist in the antilag
  6. AndrewC

    AndrewC Active Member

    Mild antilag as can be achieved as a pure ECU function is not too bad for the turbo, although the older ceramic compressor IHI turbos are a bit too fragile to use it with in any form.

    The sort of anitlag you can run on a road car simply involves retarding/cyclic cutting the ignition adding extra fuel and somesort of device to hold or kick the throttle plate open to allow air in. The idea is to generate gas flow throught the engine without making a lot of power.

    The connection with vacuum servo is that there is no vacuum when antilag is active, ever tried pressing the brake pedal at full boost? This is usually resolved by using an electric vacuum pump.

    I wouldn call what I have antilag, its just better than having a dump valve (IMHO), I actually run quite high ignition advance off boost to stop popping and banging from the exhaust, although it doesn help much if I clip the rev limiter! As for damage to the turbo, well it does put more strain on the compressor and thrust bearings, but the TD05 is a tough little bugger and completely serviceable.

  7. Andy.McCord

    Andy.McCord New Member

    Andrew, why is there no vacumn in the servo when antilag is activated? are you saying that the system becomes pressurised
  8. What happen to laymans terms [:D]

    So, if I take my DV off and throw it away - bobs my uncle - but my zorst may go bang and my brakes wont work on full boost.
    Does that about sum it up ?
  9. AndrewC

    AndrewC Active Member

    The engine provides the vacuum to the servo, with anti-lag there is never any vacuum because youve always got boost.

  10. AndrewC

    AndrewC Active Member

    Taking your DV off will not give you antilag.

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  11. Cheers - thats what I wanted to know [:D]
    So what does it do ? [:p]


    Only kidding - Ill have a natter next time we meet [:p]
  12. rusty

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    PMSL - quality thread [:D]
  13. We aim to amuse [:D]

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