Adgespeed Stages Rally October 8th 2017

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    The Adgespeed Stages Rally will take place at 3 Sisters Race track, Wigan on October 8th October. Besides the Escorts, Subaru's, EVO's and other common rally cars, there is an entry from the 1st Electric Rally Car to compete on a stage rally in the UK. The Renault Zoe breaks new ground for rallying, so should be interesting. Anyone got a long extension lead;). If the LADS want to have some cars on display like last year, then let me know.
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  2. ELV1S

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    Always on the day of a LADS meeting this, damn, think we will hold the meeting as normal Adge then see what time it is to see if anyone wants to come along?

    But members can do what they want as well, have a great day though bud :cool:
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    Will come along to this again. Was a good day out last year. Can you save me a spot on the inside again please Ade?

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