ABS making noise when engine is off.... ?! impreza 95

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by BARGHY69, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. BARGHY69

    BARGHY69 New Member

    did a short trip to the chippy last night and on the way home the ABS warning light came on the dash. :roll:

    when i got home ond turned the old girl off i could hear a noise from under the bonnet (sounded a bit like the fuel pump was running as if the ignition was on). :shock:

    uppon closer inspection the noise was coming from the ABS unit in the engine bay. tried starting tit up and off again a few times but the sound kept coming. :?

    got bored and left it for the night. came to it this morning (4:15am) to go to work and unsuprisingly the battery was flat so i had to take the wifes mondeo :cry:

    after jumpstarting it later on, the warning light has gone out and when i turned it off the noise had gone... confused.com! :?

    BARBARIAN New Member

    Relay is sticking in the little black box under the airfilter

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