2005 spec c ra alloys - magnesium or not?

Discussion in 'All Things Technical' started by scooby251, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Hoping one of you gurus or even google bods can help me out.

    As above I need these wheel refurb Steve at wheelrite need to know so he can strip them safely as they are bubbled quite bad.

    I have googled gone on to enkei website and I can't decide if they are or not.

    Can anyone help me out?
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  2. TunnelMeister

    TunnelMeister Lifetime & Founder Member

    Aluminium Paul from what I've seen.

    Just in case, remind Steve that he did manage to strip my spare set of 22B Electra Magnesium wheels. Stripping should be ok, any blasting must be done with extreme care and any welding repairs are a very specialist job. Powder coating seemed to work fine. I'm sure he will recall.

    Hope that helps in some way.:)
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  3. scooby251

    scooby251 Well-Known Member

    Yes he did mention he did yours wheels to me
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