2004 wrx heavy on fuel

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  1. Dan

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  2. ELV1S

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    The only thing I can suggest Dan is go back to them and ask them, see if they can give you any ideas, they may be able to correct it?
  3. cuprajake

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    front 02 sensor is fueling

    if its knackered then your going to over fuel.

    change it out jobs a good un.

    are you decatted?

    im not being funny you said youve had the light on for 5 months and not sorted it?

    fwiw I always leave my car in gear for that very reason.

    hamdbrake adjustment is very fine adjustment.. doesnt take much to go the wrong way.

    speak to scott hes a stand up lad.

    cant sort the problem if he doesnt know eh.
  4. 5N!P3R

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    As above
    Iv never had a problem iv always gone there speak to Neil or Scott they will sort it

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