SilverstoneClassic 28/29/30 July 2017

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  1. ELV1S

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    Also, as only one car can be submitted is it fair on who does and who doesn't?

    So I think we should opt out and just enjoy the weekend IMHO ?

    Other opinions welcome btw
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  2. 555wrx

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    Just a reminder that today 31st May is the last day that the Car Club Packages are available to buy, 3 day weekender ticket is £118.00 plus camping £49 pp for the whole weekend

    General Admission tickets are on sale until 5 pm 27th July 2017 but we won't be able to get your car on the Club display area.
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  3. Riley STI

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    Sorry guys and girls got to pull out for this event due to some issuse :cry:
    Not happy about it .:mad:
  4. TunnelMeister

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    Sorry to hear that Nick, hope all turns out ok.

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