LADS @ Tatton Park Classic Car Show 2nd & 3rd June

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  1. Widdowmaker

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    Proper disaster, car has a failed piston in the front calipers and no replacements are immediately available. The garage is desperately trying to get something together. Ive spoken With Brian at cams and I can get a set of calipers no issue, its just timing. Having the car right for Tommorow morning and 200 mile round trip journey. Ill drive the car at the garage tonight and assess whether its safe or not. Don't want to let anyone down. Will advise and update.

    EDIT* car drives and stops ok after a strip down and rebuild of the caliper. Will give it a bash!!! but going to get a replacement set anyway. Never mess with brakes will be the lesson.
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  3. Widdowmaker

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    Great shout Dave, thanks pal. Cars good, or at least the repair seems good, just wanna replace anything with a fault in the brake circuit.

    We will be with you at the muskrat subject to motorway disasters... :)
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    hi Dave, sorry not going to be able to make it today,,,my back and leg are totally f****d up,, really sorry m8.
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    Get well soon Dan
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